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What is Marketing Automation ?

Sandra Menez
Written by Sandra Menez

We have introduced you earlier to outbound and inbound marketing.  Now, Let’s talk about “Marketing Automation”.

You have probably heard that term but do you know what it is?   “Marketing automation is a collection of tools designed to automate a company’s marketing strategy. These tools not only benefit large businesses, but small businesses and marketing agencies as well.” (SharpSpring)

It is also a strategy to simplify and reduce your marketing investments but it goes far beyond the design of newsletters: it becomes an indispensable tool to manage the entire deployment programs or marketing campaigns and not just online.

Marketing Automation is not only made for automation. The tools that appeared past years are shaking up the methods of advertising. An inbound marketing to attract the target, that’s the great transformation! Indeed, a successful campaign requires conversion funnels developed and designed to address upstream the best way its target. By automating and segmenting, we can tell stories to our audience, it build an interaction and increases commitment… It conveys the right message to the right person at the right moment and allows not only more lead generation but also a higher conversation rate.

To succeed with this tools, you will find below some tips to follow:

  • Study your target

You need to ask yourself some questions: what are the targeted prospects, what “ideal client” is involved?

The approximation is not working to reach your target. It is the result of a long preparation and it requires to know your clients’ profile. Indeed, knowing your leads is the first step of a strategy for Marketing Automation and to get an optimal performance.

According to these profiles, you will be able to build a few scenarios to focus on and segment in order to create personalization and commitment.

  • Address a specific and segmented storytelling

Be innovative and think outside the box. “. You should focus on a long-term vision on which you will build your editorial strategy. How communicate to the target? What story?

  • Develop an editorial strategy to retain your audience
  • Add “Call To Action” buttons

The content must be converted, here is why the “Call To Action” is mandatory. A link to an offer, a product: it is also a way to return to a landing page in order to retrieve data on a prospect particularly in B2B.

  • Create a Landing Page (if you do not already have one)

Once you have integrated the Call To Action, the Landing Page is the last step towards the collection of leads. A simple form and/or content connected to a specific part of the page, are the basics.

  • Segment your communication

By defining profiles of prospects, one can create funnels specific to each type of prospect: The “buyer persona”

Personalized newsletters based on age, geographic location or type of business, in short automatic triggered emails based on a user interactions and information collected. Such are the possibilities of segmentation to create an automated and unique experience for different targeted audiences. The more one segments, the more specific the content will be, making the lead believe in a one on one communication: a communication specifically addressed to him/her.

  • Synchronize the tool with your CRM in the cloud or through an API.

Now as a marketing team, you understand how the Marketing Automation can acquire more qualified leads but can you involve the sales department? You can connect the marketing automation software with your CRM platform.

Most tools provide you with a lead scoring according to how qualified the lead is. Sales will have the right information and will be able to speak to leads with adapted speeches and adapted commercial offers.

To conclude, Marketing Automation platforms now provide you with a tool where you can create content, automations and manage your opportunities all in one place. This will not only enable a higher productivity and better communication between the different departments but will also allow to prove an end-to-end ROI.

About the author

Sandra Menez

Sandra Menez

Student in Digital Business Strategy at Grenoble Business School and Digital and Data Product Management Assistant at AkzoNobel Decorative Paints France.