Is it a good experience for you, when you login in your social media accounts and find you’ve obtained lots of likes, reposts, comments or even new followers?

It seems like a kind of strong public proof that you are noticed by others because you did something interesting, great, etc., so you caught people’s attention and made them want to engage with you.

This experience and feeling are so special, it makes your life a wider and richer mixture of real and virtual, it provides you with an unprecedented and wonderful social connection with your friends, families and even the strangers you had never met.

According to the report from Statista, the social network penetration worldwide will increase 8.3% from 2014 to 2021, and when it comes to our daily time spend on social networking, it has increased from 90 minutes to 135 minutes from 2012 to 2017.

Source: Statista – Social media usage worldwide

Above all, it means that social media has integrated into our life spatial or temporal. You got the superhuman ability with the assistance of social media, by realizing and utilizing it well, you can largely increase the engagement of your audience and become more popular.

Now, no matter you are a Brand or an individual, by following these 6 tips below, you will be able to achieve your own success in social media.

  1. Define yourself, forget about omnipotence.

It is a kind of mindset, you must clearly understand who you are and who you want to be, do a SWOT analysis for your own case if it’s necessary. As long as you find your keywords, for example, your preferred industry, your unique points, your faith, etc. After that, your following social media contents should be mainly related to it, so that you can create your own label to impress your audiences.

More importantly, by emphasizing your “memory points”, people can describe you in simple words clearly and simpleness means less effort and more efficient.

Example: Jeanne DAMAS

Keywords: Girl’s personal Tumblr, Parisian youth, effortless coolness, Parisian lifestyle


  1. Talk About your topic at the right place, don’t stay going on and on about yourself with your shoes nailed to the floor.

In many cases, when you come into a social media platform to reach your audience, it’s important to create content and post it to let people know what you are about.

But, if you just have few followers or even have nothing, joining groups, communities, forums, question & answer sessions and add relevant Hashtags (#) to your posts to touch them will help to get your name about. It’s logical that if you want people to get to know you, the first thing you need to do is to allow yourself to be seen in places that the like-minded people locate in. So stop shouting within your own space, it is not a matter of your voice volume, it is a matter of choice.

Example: Jeanne DAMAS

Hashtags #teamrouje

@rouje (her own brand)

  1. Your content doesn’t need to be 100% made by yourself.

It is always a cool thing that you did everything by your own hands, but if there is someone who can provide better content in some specific topics that you want to talk about, it is also cool and generous to share it with your audiences. Most of the time, your audience will see your sincerity in helping them to get what they need, it doesn’t matter whether it comes from yourself or not.

Despite this, you should always remember that even it is unnecessary to create everything of your own, but you still have the full responsibility of what you post, so, please always be careful about what you endorse.

  1. Make your audience feel engaged.

After you have accumulated a certain amount of audiences, the interaction with them will become more and more crucial.

1) Reposting the audience’s posts.

Sharing posts from your audience can contribute to one of the most important parts of your engagement strategy, it not only diversifies your content but also creates an exciting experience for your audience.

Once the audience is lighted up by you, this attention will make them feel great, furthermore, it can lead them to share this evidence that you replied to them or reposted their post on their social media, which means more exposure for you.

So, why not? By just clicking the share buttons of good posts around you, you can trigger a new domino effect easily.

2) Replying them if the audience posts valuable content about you and @you.

The most useful way to really make your audience feel engaged, it’s to give direct responses to their content, especially some good content highly related to you.

For example, if an audience posted her story with you or your brand, by replying his or her post, you can show your care and empathy with the audience, and bring yourself a more vivid and approachable image to help you get close to them.

3) Starting a conversation with your audience

It can be any flexible conversation forms, for instance, asking questions about personal experiences the audience has had with your target topic, or post surveys or votes on some contentious topic in your area.

It does not merely help you collect feedbacks, but also open to a discussion among your audience.

  1. Run giveaways on particular occasions

Run giveaways such as free samples, discount code etc. to offer your audiences something as a return for helping you obtain more exposure and followers. It can be something like posting content with a specific hashtag#, reposting or sharing your content on their social platform, or becoming your follower. Never look down upon these small rewards, it is a win-win-solution to involve your audience with your own social media engagement campaign.

Example: Promotion code “LOVE20”

  1. Engage yourself with the latest trends and events

Every day, there are new hot topics appear on social media, as an active social media user, you should never miss them, keep your attention, as long as there is a relevant topic of your industry or your own topic, please do something – like, repost, comments, post etc.- to engage yourself with it, it is a great opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight.

Have you learned something now? Do you feel excited about starting your own social media engagement campaign? Opportunities are ready for someone who can execute it! Let’s do it! Now!