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As 2015 comes to an end, you should be planning, budgeting & organizing your 2016 marketing actions. You know where you want to go, but do you know what’s going to impact your marketing? Here is an extensive list of emerging & growing trends that will influence all aspects of your marketing strategy next year.


Online Advertising:

In 2015 recent advertising technics really grew in importance particularly programmatic buying, real time bidding & dynamic ads. New formats were also on the rise, especially video ads & native advertising. In 2015 they were only used by large companies & important advertising agencies; in 2016 you will see their generalization & everyone will have access to them.

New advertising triggers will be developed, particularly real time & location based advertising. Whether it’s to promote your local store or your webinar that will start in 20 minutes etc. Right person, right place, right time.

Mobile Marketing trends:

2015 was the beginning of mobile first; some companies adopted the strategy. More and more websites/services are going to be redesigned with better UI & UX. Start now and get ahead of the competition.

2016 will also see an explosion of apps, mainly due to the new app indexing made by Google. Business owners will see the true value of having an app.

I’m sure you heard of all the mobile payments systems developed by Apple, Samsung or Google etc.. Well, this time it’s really happening people are paying with their smartphone in 2016.

CRM & Emails:

In 2016, more than half of Customer Relationship Management solutions will be online and sold as a Software as a Service which mean more agile solutions & a better access for small & medium companies. To begin with social media will be completely integrated to your CRM solution. 2016 will also see more integration of your CRM with other tools: your email service provider, your retargeting service & other marketing/advertising services.

In 2015 we talked a lot about emails automation & personalization. Big companies started exploiting their data to send better emails to their customers; small companies can do it too now. But personalization will go beyond marketing & enter the whole company with specific invoicing etc.

Relationship will be managed in real time to give people the right information in the right way at the right time: the dream of all marketers.


It started in 2015, but it will really have a big impact in 2016, on Facebook free reach for brands will decline significantly. If you want to reach clients on Facebook you will need to pay. Also, if Facebook ads were cheap in 2014, it will start to be expensive in 2016. Luckily it’s also the end of traditional players’ monopoly: Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest provide great ROI at the moment & new social platforms will appear everyday next year.

A solution to counter those Facebook issues will be influencers just like we do with blogs. Influencers have followers that trust them.

Last but not least, the like button is likely to be replaced by a buy button: social buying appeared in 2015, it will boom in 2016, even more with Facebook “M” buying things for you.

Content Marketing:

In 2016 content will remain king, especially as google is shifting from keywords to quality based ranking. However depending on the industry people will feel content overload & don’t know where to read anymore. To get you content noticed you will need to continue produce quality content but also starts advertising it.

To differentiate yourself form your competitors’ content, you will be able to build new interactive stories that will be more engaging.

SEO & Search:

2015 was the year of mobile search engine optimization & the first year more searches happened on mobile; if you haven’t done it yet, focus on it now otherwise you will lose everyday a bigger part of new customers. 2016 will be the year of social & vocal search as well as clean & structured data.

With better voice recognition software & the rise of wearable tech, voice-based queries will go through the roof. You need to take advantage of that trend before your competitors does & adapt your content to the way people asks things.

The last couple years search engines have been promoting structured data. The obvious sign of it is the knowledge graph, which you should have created for your company. You also must have seen reviews, offers, search bar or events appearing in the results. Structured data are going to the next level in 2016.

Facebook has just announced its personal assistant “M”, Microsoft with Windows 10 released Cortana. Search will not only be on the web but more and more where you really spend time particularly on social media.

In 2015, black hat SEO practices were already not recommended. In 2016 it will be impossible to fool Google’s Penguin algorithm and if you had used “borderline” strategy in the past, you will want to ask for forgiveness & correct your past behavior. Penalties for duplicate content or unnatural backlinks are going to increase. In 2016, you will need to carefully report spammy link, ask for their removal & correctly mark your pages. You should also watch for negative SEO or attacks from competitors that will create thousands of unnatural backlinks, post your content all over the web.

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Mael Chatelin

Mael Chatelin

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