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Mobile and CRM: why brands need to jump on the bandwagon.

At a time when the smartphone is obtruding itself as a purchasing channel for consumers, any company must incorporate the “mobile” dimension in its CRM strategy and make it a priority.

In 2014, France had 27 million mobile users (source Médiamétrie 2014) whose behaviors  are changing as fast as the thirst for new equipment: 40% of users consult, compare products or services via their mobile, while 31% order online via this channel.

Mobile is an extension of the habits acquired on the web but with specific features: any product search started on the Internet can be continued on a mobile device. 63% of consumers visit a mobile site to search for more specific information on a product or to compare prices (source IFOP). This channel has become a central player in any customer relationship strategy, taking into account the entire buying journey of a consumer.


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But the big news is the fact that a mobile moved from a “necessary step” to a “gateway” of marketing.  For instance in 2014, 65% of marketing emails were opened on mo

bile devices. Indeed, it used to complete a cross channel marketing deployment but we now observe that it is supplanting other brand interaction channels with customers. Two former non-existent dimensions with the web are to be considered: immediacy and geolocation.

A New way of consuming creates new buying journeys

59% of mobile users agree to receive targeted messages on their smartphones according to their location, 68% of consumers are willing to receive commercial messages if they are customers of the brand, even 25% as a prospect (source IFOP).

The difficulties encountered by professionals to include the mobile channel (atomized ecosystem, several OSs, cookies and tracking inefficiency) are being lifted and most online retailers have taken necessary measures: some have developed applications, others have optimized their site for mobile. Now they have to consider the next step: to perpetuate this channel so that their investment was not vain. Choosing between Application, mobile website or responsive is not a game of chance. They all have different utilities and each depends on a business.

A mobile site is a simplified version of a web page optimized for mobile devices but do not offer any content available via a computer for example. So, if a consumer finds the same information on a mobile website and an app, one of them is useless. But if this consumer begins his journey by comparing products on the internet, it would be interesting to provide him some more precise information in an app for example.

Mobility can also be used by companies themselves

Sometimes, in-store customer relationship strategy is to rethink through mobility to capitalize on this new era to develop a growing consumer engagement. Some professionals have realized the importance of mobility today and have already changed the way they work.

For example, the airline company Delta Airlines has chosen to rely on innovation and new technologies to revise some of its business processes and has equipped its staff with mobile browsing devices. Connected to the client database, even in flight, they are able to bring more added value in their dealings with travelers by offering personalized services to each of them. They are no longer mere occupants of a seat but customers with their flights history, their preferences, their status within loyalty program, etc…

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Apple was also the first brand to equip vendors with tablets prepared to customer relationship management. Not only is the company able to ensure a better experience for the customer, but it also gives flexibility to this business to be a true adviser and to provide the best information for every interaction in stores. A key asset when it is known that consumers can easily rely on their smartphone to compare products and prices while circulating in the store.

It is essential to accompany these changes to accelerate the deployment of more efficient business processes and help to develop a mobile customer relationship. Mobile is just the first of many online media and the basis of the coming customer relationship. But the growing interest for connected objects will give as much opportunities in the future to conduct marketing campaigns and CRM, if only they are innovative and not too intrusive.


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