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A digital Paris Games Week interview

For 6 years now, the “Parc des expositions de la porte de Versailles” welcomes the Paris Games Week fair where, as they like to say, “The video game showtime!”. Combining both being Parisian and loving video games, I could not seriously miss this event. So I decided to visit, once again, this empire of the video game. (The most informed of you would probably have noticed here the clever Star Wars reference…)

Amongst some new video games, online battles and some strange people, I met by chance Margaux & Nicolas, both having a press pass around their neck and hardly focusing on their smartphones. What I ‘ve read on their chest enjoyed me: Social Media Management & E-Reputation management for the PGW.

Without a second thought, I started a conversation with those guys having appeared in front of me.

Presentations made from the both sides, they finally kindly accept to answer some questions so that I can fill up my first post blog with their expertise on this show! How could I better link video games and blog writing?

I decided to start with Margaux, first being available to answer my questions.

PR: Margaux, could you please present yourself just like a Tweet please?
Margaux C: Social Media Project Manager at @Vanksen & #marketingdigital master at @ICNbs #socialmedia

PR: Do you want to add things about yourself? I know 140 characters was certainly not enough!
MC: I don’t have so much to say about me, but I think it’s important for your readers to better understand what is Vanksen, the company I actually work for. Would you be able to paste a link to our website?

Yes, Margaux! Here we are: link

PR: Let’s continue with the Paris Games Week… What is this all about?
MC: PGW means Paris Games Week, a videogaming fair organized by the SELL (Syndicat des Editeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs). It’s the French syndicate of the most important video games editors in the world.
We are here at the 6th edition and it’s getting bigger year after year. We can not say that it’s competing the E3 (biggest video game fair, taking place in Los Angeles) but the PGW is a credible actor in Europe.
The concept is basically to gather all video game enthusiasts “In Real Life” in Paris. They can meet each other, play to new video games and network with actors from the vide game market. There is a real infatuation about this fair.

PR: What is your role during this show?
MC: With my team leader, Mr Joffrey Martin (social media manager of Vanksen) we are in charge of the social media owned by Paris Games Week: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. We create the content, analyse our actions and have to reach the objectivs set by the Paris Games Week team. Before you ask, I can not communicate about the figures. 🙂

We also are responsible for the press passes for influencers on the web such as YouTubers and Bloggers.

PR: How do you prepare to be ready day 1?

For the social media role:

  • Teasing of the event
  • Visual identity we create the template and define how will appear the posts on Social Media
  • Check new tool such as partnership with the app Stampyt to customise our picture directly on the phone
  • Get content on all exhibitors

Regarding accreditation:

  • On September the 15th, we opened an accreditation platform on internet where candidates need to register to get this special pass. We evaluate each candidate to define if he can have the pass or not. We were the moderators of the platform!

PR: Tell us about your typical day during the PGW?


  • 8h: Reporting and analysis of the previous day
  • 9h: Opening of the doors, check that all the Vanksen team is ready to welcome the influencers at the VIP/PRESS entrance + first welcoming post
  • 9h-19h:
    • Creation of content on Social Media
    • Moderation: we try to answer all the questions received during the event to help the visitors if needed
    • Tweetwall: we display the best tweets on a giant tweetwall localized in the fair
    • Check if all is good in the e-lounge blogger and the e-lounge YouTuber
    • Welcome of the influencers and generation of pass if needed at the VIP/PRESS entrance
    • 19h: Final post, global check with the organisation’s team

PR: Now that we better understand what your daily job is, how can you explain the fact that the PGW asks for Vanksen to take care of their social media accounts?
MC: The SELL did not have enough ressources to ensure their presence on social media and internet. So they called us thanks to our specialization in different fields such as social media, e-reputation strategy, creative designs, web development… In fact, we gathered all the competencies needed by the SELL to provide them with a 360° solution for their internet presence.

PR: You told me offline it’s the 3rd year you work for them: do you have good results ? Which KPI’s are you using to monitor your performance?
MC: We succeed in developing a real community on social media that follows Paris Games Week not only during the event but during the whole year thanks to ur work on the creation of the PGW brand image such as THE fair of the video games in France/Europe. It has been a tough work with a content strategy set up during a whole year. We doubled the total community on social media and have a really good commitment rate on each of social network we manage.

PR: If you had to imagine your job in 5 years, what would you say?
MC: Thanks to my expertise on social media, I’d like to specialize in social media management for companies working in the video game market.

PR: Tell us about the funniest thing happened during the show? Why? What did you do?                             MC: I met Chewbacca during the event. I decided to invite the PGW’s community to interact with him in Wookie through the post, it was really fun to ‘read’ the comments! It’s a really good example of how you can interact with a community with live interactions.

PR: Thank you Margaux. It was a pleasure to have this chat with you! I hope you will still have fun working on this fair for social media.

Now that I knew more on social media, it was the perfect time to interview Nicolas Hemidy standing just next to me. He was really impatient to start the talk!

PR: I’m sure you really want to describe yourself with 140 characters as well. Let’s do it!                               Nicolas H: Social Data Analyst and Manager @Vanksen #entrepreneurship #data #digitalstrategies

PR: You told me offline that you had an atypical way before becoming project manager for Vanksen: could you explain us?
NH: Sure! I worked several years as an external auditor in a big 4 firm and I realised I’ve always been passionate about web and technology. I decided to drop out my job and start over as a digital project manager intern at Vanksen.

PR: What exactly is handling e-rep for PGW’s show?
NH: Basically, we scan every mentions about the PGW during the event. Our mission is to identify any mention that could lead to a bad buzz and appropriately answer to the author. We moderate the social media during the show.

PR: Is there any difference between you and Margaux’s daily job?
NH: We only focus on sensitive mentions and use different tools to categorize social data and trigger automatic alerts. I would say that we are supporting Margaux to ensure that every sensitive mentions have been identified. Also, in case of a bad buzz, we can advise them to produce the right language elements.

PR: Is there any pressure about handling the e-reputation of the PGW this year? Why?
NH: Actually not at all. We have a really good strategy to monitor and check everything. We also have some emergency procedure. We did note have to use them until now. We cross the fingers!

PR: Why do you think PGW wants to control its e-reputation? 5 years ago, no ones would have asked an agency to actually do that: what changed?                                                                                                           NH: Nowadays, all brands should manage their e-reputation. Some websites, blogs, “twittos” have now more influence than traditional media. If you want to understand what people think about you then what you should change or improve, you have to listen and the web is a huge discussion forum. Also, information spreads really fast online and listening on social networks is now a great way to identify an emerging crisis in order to contain it.

PR: Do you have any specific results? Which KPI’s? How can you say: I’ve done a great job!                         NH: No crisis, that’s all!

PR: Did you paste some of your personal best practices to the PGW e-reputation? If yes, which ones?
NH: Nope. I don’t thing it would be benefit for my job. It’s definitely two really different things.

PR: Do you have any anecdote about your job during this show?
NH: We did not have any information before the show regarding which games will be available on each stand. So, at the beginning of the show we had to browse each stand to create data categories. The objective is to categorize social data in order to evaluate the social impact of each stand.

PR: What was the worst moment to handle with? What did you do to resolve it?                                           NH: No bad moments: only fun!

PR: Thank you Nicolas. I wish you a quiet end of fair… meaning your job is well done! 😉

It was time for me to thank Margaux and Nicolas for their availability and for their expertise.

I hope you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I had fun doing it. Social medias and video games seem to be more than ever related nowadays, thanks to people (as Margaux & Nicolas) committed in this way!

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