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Dealing with the Rising Programmatic Advertising issue

Servane Salmon
Written by Servane Salmon

Mediabrands IPG has released a Magna Global study on the world market for Advertising Programmatic revealing that display and program video purchases will reach $ 14.2 billion in 2015, up 49%. A figure that will rise to $ 36.8 billion in 2019 which makes an average of 31% growth per year.

Share of US Digital Avertising Programmatic revenue


Not surprisingly, the United States has the highest adoption rate with no less than 7.7 billion transactions expected for 2015, which account for 54% of the global market programmatic purchases. Besides the US, the largest markets in programmatic expenses are the United Kingdom, Japan, China and Germany. However, the adoption rates of theses last three countries are quite low (under 25%).

In France, the programmatic market should reach $ 325 million in 2015, this is 47% up compared to 2014. In France, the distribution of programmatic spending differs significantly from the other market average. But programmatic is still dominated by Display.

In 2015, the share of display was up to 74% of total expenditure in programmatic. However, by 2019 Videos will account for 55% of total spending versus 15% today. Concerning hardware, programmatic is for now dominated by computers, which accounts for 72% of programmatic expenditures. By 2019 though, computers and mobile devices will have 50% each of the share.EU share of format revenue by devices

Concerning mobile, even though it accounts for a small amount of share in programmatic, it’s a real challenge to fully integrated it to programmatic. The expansion of mobile traffic applications, the proliferation of YouTube TrueView, and an emerging shortage of premium inventory computer: all of this will contribute to the increased penetration of mobile programmatic. Offsetting this mobile tailwind is an ongoing technological challenge, including targeting and tracking users across multiple devices. The objective is to unify the approaches of Web and mobile to target people – and not the device. Facebook’s people-base marketing illustrates this approach cross-device, user-centered.

What about the actors of Programmatic …

Outside the United States, France is the biggest market for programmatic experiments. Indeed, French publishers are ahead compared to the others countries and they have implemented many advertising networks including La Place Media, Audience Square, (Hi-Media) and 3WRegie. Among the most specialized players, there are also Quantum or Sublimeskinz, and especially concerning mobile, InMobi and Yanco.

This multiplication of players in the programmatic advertising industry helps advertisers to challenge their traditional media agency and to turn other specialized agency. Not surprisingly, a recent study indicates that the choice of the agency provider is the main difficulty for advertisers to switch to programmatic.

The proliferation of players is a sign that programmatic explodes in the media mix of advertisers and is becoming more sophisticated. This is a complex ecosystem to understand for advertisers, which are more than ever claiming for expert support. stage linguistique à Londres

Today, the selection of a particular strategy differs from one advertiser and one agency to another; this is really a matter of challenges and maturity. Some advertisers see only in programmatic a way to buy a lot of media but in a more targeted and cheaper way. This approach can bring good short-term performance but this remains limited in time. Yet now, advertisers want more transparency to understand the use of their data. In fact, most of them are now looking to integrate programmatic as a sustainable and growing component of their marketing mix. They want the ability to customize their communication to each client from branding up to CRM. This is why some of them are requesting specialists to support them. Agencies offer real transparent support, based on experts, they tried to give to advertisers “made to measure” full service, which sometime comes up to the creation of an internal trading desk.

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