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Sport’s business digital transformation

Digital is playing a great role in all comportments of our daily lives. I would like to focus on sports, a practice that exist for centuries. As I’m currently working for a sport brand, I can see how much digital marketing transformed the way sport is used, but also the way it is sold. So let’s talk about the sport’s business digital transformation.


Sport's business digital transformation

What is digital marketing and how it is linked to the sport business? “Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.” This means that I would use social medias, search engine optimization, blogging, content marketing, mobile applications, websites, CRM…

Today, every brand, every sport, every team, every player are digitized. Whatever the entity, you are a sport actor and you need to be online to communicate, but moreover, to reach and angaged with people.

Digital Marketing is changing sports. Through this article, I chose to focus about sport brands.


Brands vs. Digital

Brands gathered their communities around one main change, social medias. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can easily reach followers. Moreover, you communicate with them. There are a lot of different ways to do it. You can speak to your whole audience with brand communication, sports events, athletes, exclusive news or products you want to sell. Social medias create a close relationship between the brand and the consumer, by providing live content, exclusive content or directly interacting through comments, likes or retweets. You can spread the word adding sponsored content to increase your fan base. For example: targeting women aged 15 to 35 years old, practicing running, from Paris. You can interact with people proposing some contests to win rewards. Social medias became a science, that all brands need to adapt to their communication.

Most of the time, a website with an e-shop is promoted through the social platforms, an alternative to create traffic and business. SEO and SEM are other digital transformations, crucials to drive traffic towards the website.

The CRM is getting data gathered from the website or through other channels as games and forms. When you suscribe, we got your data and we can personnalize our offer. And this is crazy because everything is in a loop, website-social-medias-CRM-Newsletters-purchases…
With the growth of the smartphone use, websites are now declined in mobile version and apps. This is opening a new entity, the possibility to decline an e-shop or going further and create a loyalty programm where you involve the consumer in a revolutionnary experience. Achieve some goals, gain experience, take it to the next level and win some points or discounts.


Digital Marketing evolve with the arrival of innovations, this is gonna keep going forward. Moreover, brands are not limited to the e-commerce area: stores can be digitalised, giving customers new experiences. Some use tablets for different purposes: have a new experience, order out of stock products, and gather data as always.

In sports, digital helped brands engage with their consumers, motivate them to purchase the products, and communicate with them.Depending on your goals, each entity can suit your needs and we should expect a lot more innovations in the future.

Finally, competition is the only thing that will remain unchanged.

About the author

Stéphane Papin

Stéphane Papin

Digital Business Strategy student @Grenoble_EM
Community Manager @FFF