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Content Strategy analysis

Content strategy analysis

Apptamin vs. Buzzfeed

Creating content to attract new customers is an old strategy. With all the search engines this kind of strategy is spreading among companies. I’d like to take an example that is really interesting on that case. The company is called Apptamin and their “only” service consists of creating videos for mobile applications. The videos can be added in the description of the apps on all the App Stores. Yet, their strategy is not to create content only around that topic. They provide high-quality analysis on all the mobile market. You’ll be able to find deep analysis focused on the different App stores, on downloads statistics, on the reach of specific mobile ad networks and benchmark prices. But they also chose to add another layer to their analysis by providing analysis of some tools that can be used by companies working in large mobile field. It’s really interesting because they understood that if someone is looking for a way to create a video to promote their mobile app, they might also be looking for some other ways to promote their app or just create/develop an app. Providing analysis on other domains brings potential customers that might have been interested in promoting their app using another method. Those potential customers might be looking for statistics on those methods too. Visiting Apptamin’s website can only convince them to also create a video to promote their app too. This is huge for mobile marketers as they are always in search of this kind of statistics and data that are really hard to find. All of that using great infographics design or real case studies for free.

Here is an example here.

You’ll find below a graphic of different categories of the different content marketing strategies. And when you look at the bottom right of this matrix, you’ll find that the best way to convince people is to provide those great analysis.
Content Strategy matrix

Why content marketing is a good way to convince people to become your customers?

There might be a few possible ways to understand why this kind of strategies are working.

The first one is the traffic it brings. When you create various, high-quality content, your ranking on the search engines increase and it drives more and more traffic to your website. More traffic should mean more conversions (even though it’s not correlated as it depends on the quality of the traffic). Yet, mechanically, more traffic can only mean more conversions potentially.

The second reason that is really related to the first one, is that it shows more visibility to a company. Creating high-value content, and providing great analysis only show to potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. It shows to potential customers the real value you can provide to them, the 360 view you have on the industry you’re working in. When a company is recognised as a great actor in a specific domain, it drives more engagement by potential customers.

Yet, it’s difficult to understand the real value of a content marketing strategy. Did customers came because of an article, word of mouth or any other way? It’s difficult to imagine that alone and this is why the latest tracking system are great for that. Using an analytic tool on a website is really useful to understand all the different sources of traffic but also the quality of the traffic each source brings. Content marketing combined with a great SEA strategy is the key to bringing high quality traffic. And the best example for that are all the websites such as Buzzfeed: even though the quality of the articles is not that good, their SEA strategy is so great that the traffic is always high. The reason is simple if you look back on the matrix. Their content purpose is only to entertain their users so that they visit the highest number of pages possible. Indeed, their business model is based on ads and they get paid for every thousand views.


To conclude, quality is king here. But good marketing around it is vital. Creating high quality content and not promoting it/sharing it is useless and time-consuming. This is why the best content strategy are always a great mix between advertising and great content. While 20 years ago it was difficult to find content, this new era of the internet just became crowded by bad quality articles/content and it is difficult to find great content. Quantity surpassed quality. We’ll contribute to solve this issue within the Digital Business Strategy program.

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