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How to manage your online reputation

The Internet allows every company to market their products online to a wide audience. Today SMEs can launch effective advertise campaigns. In this regard, companies have to draw their attention to the online reputation and to assure it with a really good image as it is clear that an e-reputation can be easily ruined.

Online reputation is an effective tool to boost the business. It covers all the information that people can gain about any business on the net. The goal is obviously to make sure tge reviews are positive. There are five things to keep the e-reputation positive. Further, you will see that on online reputation is as important as the reputation of a geographic area. Everyone can find instant feedback about anything in a simple click. It is significant to watch and to take care of the company’s e-reputation.

1 – Internet is THE worldwide computer network reachable to all

With the Web, you have every chance of improving your visibility, but be careful because the e-reputation is not clear to the public image. Remember to check and verify all the information available about you to not spoil your e-reputation. As Warren Buffet said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”. Today, with the speed of the web, information is spread very quickly. You have to be really careful about what people say about your company on Internet.

2 – Control your image

Nowadays, there are different methods to monitor your e-reputation in order to be constantly updated about it. First of all, you simply insert the name of your company on the searching line of GOOGLE and you will get immediately lots of information.

Today the news travels fast and so much the better. However, no one is free from the errors occurred and at such a case it has to react quickly and even very quickly to avoid being overwhelmed by the critics. To invent the keywords intelligence tools (Hootsuite is a social media management system. This tool has a feature called “keyword” that lets you know everything that is said about a subject) can be an effective thing and even more effective than a standby “manual” survey. Of course, you need not to track the name of your company every day to observe what people think of you but once a week it may be a good estimation tool if you have a small business. For a larger business however you must make it daily.

3 – React when there is a negative review

Once you see a negative content react quickly. You can beat off the arguments set against you, but also find a solution to the customers’ complains for a wrong product or service, for example. The finding solutions policy considers you as an ethical and reliable business partner and therefore it could provide you with a good ad . With the permanent survey you can immediately remove an unfriendly content and keep a positive image of your company to everyone. Once a negative review or comment is appeared on your site, it is important to react promptly with the most positive statements and feedbacks in order not to increase the eventual negative outcomes.

4 – Maintain a good image to keep your loyal customers

People who have a good image of your company have to go on keeping it in their minds. A good piece of communication results in a good outcome and vice versa. If you are in a virtuous circle, make sure that your customers and those who think well of you share their opinions with lots of people, for example, by creating a referral or prescription system. They will support your business. It is important to create a dialogue between you and your customers to establish a relationship of trust. Obviously it costs money but these initiatives will have a positive impact on your results. A customer needs to be really convinced to follow and to buy your brand.

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