Every year, the e-commerce market observes or confirm some trends, mainly explained by the evolution of consumer behavior and the digitalization of the trading. E-tailers, driven by these trends, must adapt their offer to provide optimal buying journey to users.


M-commerce, a trend to follow up

If the mobile is not yet part of the major purchase channels in France, it nevertheless plays a major role in the process of purchasing French. In France, 71% of mobile users use their smartphone to gather information on a product they are thinking about buying it. [1] either to compare prices, look for deals, discounts. 60% of consumers who have done research on their smartphone, had wanted to buy the product from a brand they normally ignored. 49% of consumers had proceed to a purchase. The reason: they found the right information at the right time on their mobile.

According to a study conducted by RetailMeNot, 69% of French mobile users [2] believe that mobile experience offered by online shops is inadequate and represents a barrier to purchase. To strengthen and expand product sales via smartphones, e-tailers must start to adapt their platforms to be positioned on a tool that could represent 30% of e-commerce transactions in Europe and to 50% or more in 2017.

M-commerce is key in 2016. Indeed, according to a RetailMeNot / CRR study published March 2, 2016, the m-commerce market doubled in 2015 from 3.7 billion to 7 billion euros. In 2016, m-commerce will be one of the e-commerce growth drivers and represent one online purchase of 4 will be done on a smartphone. [3]

The mobile use is also back in the everyday life of French. Médiamétrie published a study in 2016 on our Internet and mobile usage. This year, the multi-screen is expanding. The links between Internet and other media are becoming narrower and the smartphone has become the primary device to access our web. The French are now truly “mobile first”. 50.7% of the French, 26.3 million people, connect to Internet every day on their smartphone [4]


Social commerce, the new wave to ride on.

In 2015, social networks have definitely taken the e-commerce turn by multiplying initiatives to enable their members to order products directly into their platform. Between the implementation of the ‘Buy Buttons “, the launch of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads or the implementation of the functionality TrueView for shopping, Google Shopping and so on, the social shopping is booming and seeks to develop new e-commerce solutions.
Today, social networks are an integral part of daily users who spend more than two hours a day and no longer hesitate to share and consult online reviews before buying. This year social networks offer new e-commerce solutions, merchants have every reason to explore these tools providers of traffic and conversion generator. This involves management of their community, the implementation of specific means of payment, but offers a real close relationship to the consumer.
In 2016, these trends focused on the customer experience will be consolidated, merchants will have to grasp the issues and place these new consumer codes at the heart of their strategies to remain relevant in their market and reach their consumers.


Delivery : Between Innovation and Speed

A delivery more and more fast! That is the credo of e-tailers who have understood that customers did not want to wait to receive their purchases. Indeed, many users still consider that delivery is the most unpleasant part of the experience. [5]

There is a real need for flexibility to make the most enjoyable part. On this reflexion is born the start-up “Colibou”. [6] They deliver the packages to their customers between 8pm and midnight in Paris. This is a genuine service and Colibou is a good complement to existing delivery solutions.

Home delivery remains the preferred means of e-shoppers to retrieve their purchases, in front of the relay point and removing items in stores ‘Click and Collect’. New delivery modes are gradually emerging and will continue to grow in 2016.

For example, drone delivery are tested by Alibaba and Amazon [­7], the establishment of Monoprix [8] withdrawals lockers are new methods being tested in order to offer still more flexibility to consumers. New collaborative platforms appear such as “Trouve ton transport” that connects small e-retailers and individuals for delivery. [9]

The delivery is the final stage of the purchase process, and as such, can be a real competitive advantage for consumer loyalty. Offering innovative and efficient delivery of services and facilitating the consumer’s purchase path becomes crucial.


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