Last course we had was about e-business and while I was doing some search about mobile usage and the evolution of e-commerce, I found some interesting information that suggests that people don’t feel like purchasing with their phone, instead, they feel more comfortable to buy, while using bigger screens such as tablets or computers.

In this article I will like to share with you some information and insights I found about mobile usage in order to try to respond to this hypothesis.

First of all, we need to analyze how much time people spend on their mobiles phones so we can understand how they behave while using their smartphones.

According to comScore[1], in 2014 global mobile users surpassed desktop users and will continue to grow exponentially during the following years; also, as it was expected, the number of hours people spend on mobile are lot more than in desktop, in 2015 people spent on average almost 30% of screens usage on their mobile in the US, which I think it is a little conservative, as from my personal experience, I am only away from my cellphone while I am sleeping.

Of course marketers agree with me about mobile usage, as the marketing investments in mobile across the world are rapidly increasing in different industries, more and more companies are moving their media investments to mobile.

Although some people, mostly young adults are spending almost all day using their cellphones, desktops and laptops are still the most popular devices to make searches and as you may know searches lead to purchase.

Another important factor that may possibly affects conversion rates in mobile is that mobile users basically spend 80% of the time spent on their mobiles: visiting apps, mostly social networks and chatting apps, instead of spending time in mobile web.

While mobile has less than 5% conversion rate, desktop and tablets have around 9% of conversion rate, which agrees with the theory that people feel more comfortable buyingd on bigger screens. But is this real information? Do we feel more comfortable buying from our computers?

I found an article[2] that confirms that the size of the device screen can change the customers buying intentions, according to the research explained in this article, people feel more immersed when they use larger screens, which increases the level of trust and of course encourage people to make instant or impulsive purchases.

This is something I agree with, the experience in mobile web is not the same compared to a larger screen, but I didn’t know neither the importance of it, nor the impact it could cause.

Now I understand why companies are making bigger cellphones! The amazing thing is that according to this study, they were able to detect different behaviors from a person using a 5.3“ than using a 3.7” screen, so imagine the impact that virtual reality will have for marketing purposes.. I had the opportunity to try VR some weeks ago and it is really fascinating the way your mind gets really emerged within the environment, making you feel part of the complete experience.

Personally I can’t wait to see what new technologies will be developed and the marketing experiences that brands will be able to bring  to their customers, but for now we need to create more engaging and relevant advertising specifically for mobile in order to increase sales conversion rates on this “tiny” devices.