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Connected objects for babies

I have just given birth for the second time and I am a digital fan, so I have decided to focus this article on connected objects in the field of baby care so it would give me the opportunity to dig a little deeper in a subject that is of great interest for me in this particular period. So what objects are available on the market today? Are they really of any interest or mere gadgets? How good are they really for the little ones?

The “MyBaby” app: a connected button to follow your child’s vital data

“MyBaby” is a connected button that can be affixed to your baby’s pajamas; it registers the baby’s movements and breathing and alerts you if there is any problem.

The device is light and takes up little room; it is a sort of button, only a few centimeters in diameter, so it can be clipped on the front of the child’s pajamas. Thanks to its captors, it can follow the heart’s rhythm, the breathing and the movements of the child. What you have to do is just to connect the “myBaby” to the app on your smartphone via blue tooth in order to monitor your baby’s activity and get an alert if something goes wrong or is not normal – baby breathes too slow, or becomes too agitated…- So our screen will display the baby’s position, cardiac rhythm and breathing. The data are expressed as a percentage to indicate if the baby is calm or stressed. And as the monitoring goes on a curve is drawn to show how the evolution of the child’s activity. The device is also equipped with a fall detector and a distance detector. This is particularly relevant for toddlers; if the child falls down or gets away you will be alerted immediately. The device is battery-operated (an ordinary flat button-type battery) and can work for up to 2 months; when the battery is low it is easy to replace.

“MyBaby” won the best innovation award in the “Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup” in 2014.

“MyBaby” appears to be a simple efficient solution to relieve the anxiety of parents of new-born babies, but it can also be very useful for babies with a sleep apnea syndrome. Personally I think it is more interesting  for babies to monitor those potential irregularities in vital signs than for toddlers, who have to be looked after very closely when they start to move about, and no app can actually do the job.

The app is compatible with Android and IOS seems to be rather easy to use and convenient and the device itself not difficult to install. However the, price is rather high: $169 (150 euros). Another thing is that it can be ordered and delivered only in the USA and Canada for the moment. It will be a little while before it is available on the market in Europe.

“Hatch Baby” a connected changing table

The device looks very much like the standard changing facility. The only difference to speak of is the screen it is equipped with and gives you an idea of the different functions and different sorts of information it can provide. Like other connected objects it has a feature enabling monitoring over a certain period of time.

The changing table can also be used as scales so it can record not only the schedule for changing the baby’s diapers but also more interestingly data about the baby’s weight and size.

The device is connected to a specific smartphone app, so you can keep an eye on this information at all times, wherever you are. For instance you can have an idea of how your child is doing at the minder’s when you are at work. The app can also give data such as mealtimes or sleeping time so that it is easier to follow the baby’s evolution in time in a significant way.

The connected teat

Thanks to this new style of teat, baby will not even realize that it’s having its temperature taken, and you will be able to see the actual evolution of his temperature displayed on your smartphone.You can also  register medication intakes, devise your own alerts depending on what information you actually want to keep track of and share the data with your doctor.

Moreover the device is also equipped with a captor that alerts yoy if the toodler moves away. The teat can be found within a distance of 50m and make it ring if you cannot find it. It costs about 30 euros.

The connected babyphone

Now many of the traditional baby products can be connected and babyphones also. Philips has launched a babyphone equipped with a camera connecting to your mobile phone so you can keep an eye on your baby’s sleep and communicate with baby wherever you are. Thanks to the app fitted in the babyphone you can know the temperature of the room or the air humidity, and there is also a feature that analyzes noise and can alert you if there is a problem.

The Philips babyphone costs 169.99 euros and the app is free.

To conclude, these connected objects can never replace a doctor or just common sense and close attention but it is now  a little easier to follow your baby’s activity when you’re away at work,  and tend to be stressed. It’s up to you now to make a choice depending on your situation and specific requirements.

About the author

Alice Brehaut

Alice Brehaut

Alice Brehaut is a Marketing, Communication and Digital Assistant at Philips. She is also a student in DBS Master in Grenoble Ecole de Management.