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5 tips to create powerful visuals

Tips to create powerful visuals

Would you like to create your own image? You are a beginner on social media and you want to increase the impact of your pots? So let’s discover how to create powerful visuals!

It’s quite well known: visual content is a strong leverage. It boosts considerably the number of views & the number of clicks on social media. According to a Quick Sprout survey, “content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without”.  So, no doubt about that, we have to create powerful images. And to do so, I will give you a couple of tips & tools! [Read the article in french]

TIP #1: Create a visual adapted to your main objective

First of all, your choice of visual content has to be relevant and be strategically chosen. It’s a first step in marketing to remove and catch the attention.

We can choose many types of visual content, but it has to fit with the context and the final objective: Informative? Eye-catching? Illustrative? Emotional? …

Here there are some types of visual content and examples. For sure, this list is not exhaustive and doesn’t illustrate all situations, but it allows to understand the differences between the different types of visuals:

  • Creative photography, to illustrate the goal and retain the attention
  • Screenshots to help users to better understand a software or a webpage
  • Infographics & graphs to give information on a visual and synthetic way
  • Memes or GIF to customize the content for a funny situation
  • And even videos and more specific contents to be more exhaustive (video clip, conference, tutorial etc.)

No matter the type of visual we choose, the main common point is that it delivers a message. And this message come out with the objective: get some news, promote a product, tell a story, share an emotion…

TIP #2: Find qualitative photography

At the very first step, finding an image on the Internet does not seem so tricky. But unfortunately, this is one point we need to pay a particular attention.

  • First, we need to be careful about the license and the copyrighting issues: legal issues are taken very seriously on the internet and penalties can be very high. The best is to find photos under the creative commons Zero licence.
  • Second, the image need to be high quality: avoid blurred or pixelated pictures. In the meantime, especially on website, pay attention to the size of the picture to prevent over-loading.

To have qualitative image and free to use, here are 3 possibilities:

  1. Look for images Free to Use on dedicated websites: Negative Space (Creative Commons as well), Pexel (creative commons Zero License), Food Shot (creative commons, specific to food photos), ISO republic (free to use for personal and commercial projects) & more… To get qualitative photos free to use, there is plenty of websites for that. If you have some to share, don’t hesitate to put your tips in comment 😉
  2. You may also buy some pictures on bank images such as Shutterstock or IStock, but it can rapidly cost a lot.
  3. And the best solution: taking your own pictures with smartphones or camera

[Tips] Check the “license” mentioned in the website to make sure that using these pictures are allowed.

Screenshots with good quality vs low quality

On the left: a qualitative image; on the right a blurred pictures

TIP #3:  Design your visual with trendy typographies

As we mentioned at the very first point, there is often a message. To do that, we can simply add text on your image that you carefully choose before.

Here again, there are some websites you can check to renew you typography libraries: Dafont, Google Font or even Font Squirrel.

 [Tips] Do not overlook the readability of the typography, we have to keep in mind the main objective: communicate a clear message to our audience.

Best practices with typo

Try to take a step back and answer to this simple question: which message is readable at first glance? & please forget the famous “Comic Sans Ms” and use a trendy one to differentiate yourself and be more professional (without mistakes!).

TIP #4:  Do not choose your colour by chance

You probably know that: all colours have meanings. Through colours, you communicate some information such as values, personality or even mood. To be more visual, I created a quick infographics to better illustrate the subject. N.B: colours have different meaning according to the geographic location and the culture. Please notice that this infographics is not exhaustive.

The meanings of colors

Other sources to go deeper in this specific topic:

TIP #5:  use adapted tools

Many tools are available online or offline. For professional of art design, I would recommend for sure Photoshop & Illustrator. But for beginners, I would recommend to use more common tools:

  • Power point can be a good alternative. We can easily manage the main features of a design tool: alignment, superposition, basic shapes etc.
  • Capture which is really useful to create beautiful screenshots
  • Canva is a design program which allows anyone to become a designer. Really easy to use, it proposes some layouts already implemented and key features for photo editing, infographics, brochures & more

Screenshots Canva Tool

Some others free tools are available on the internet, if you want to check on this article & if you want to recommend some, put in comments your own tips!

I hope this article was useful for you. For sure, if you communicate on the internet, you will probably or you already need to create your own visuals. But as a final tips, I would say that the most powerful visual is certainly created by professionals from communication & graphic design. So, if you have a professional need, don’t hesitate to work with experts in order to create the best visuals and reach your objectives.

See you soon 😉

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