Nowadays, mobile is not just a technological device but it is also a channel. A channel that is revolutionizing the social media world. Mobile phone has created pathways to new opportunities of development and creation for social media platform. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have new challenges to overcome.

In this article, we will look at Instagram and how this platform is trying to adapt and face new competitors.

Let start from the beginning, what is Instagram?

Instagram, created in 2010 and belonging to Facebook since 2011, is a “photo-sharing-app”.

On Instagram, users share pictures they like with their followers. One of the main characteristics of Instagram is the fact that you can tag your post with hashtags; i.e. this fashion related picture below:


Thanks to these hashtags, your followers -or even random people if your profile is public- can find your post by simply typing the word they are looking for. Another important characteristic of Instagram is the fact that you can identify other users on your picture. Usually, users identify either their friends or brands they are wearing on the post. These two characteristics are great marketing tools for brands.


In numbers, Instagram is …

Capture d’écran 2016-12-04 à 13.20.04

Instagram has managed to develop a faithful, present and strong community all over the world.

However, as mentioned above, mobile has paved the way for new entrants in the market. Therefore, nowadays, there are so many different social media apps and platforms that it has become so hard to make a choice for users. Generally, users have one app for each purpose –even though some companies think they would prefer having one app for everything! This is clearly what Facebook is trying to do…


Between Instagram and Snapchat, there is only one step

Do you remember the Snapchat phenomenon? You know, this “yellow-ghost-app” that allows you to share ephemeral videos to your friends?  Well, Snapchat is not the only one player on the market of ephemeral content. Indeed, last August, Instagram has launched its Stories and direct message features.

From now on, on Instagram, you can share with your followers ephemeral videos that will last for 24h. This is the exact same concept than the Stories of Snapchat.

But why would Instagram change the marketing rules of the social media sphere? To succeed, you need to copy the best practice of the market! That is exactly what the company has decided to do since this summer. Indeed, all the last updates and features of the app are inspired –or we could even say “copied” – by the business model of Snapchat. From the introduction of Stories to the notification in case of screenshot or the possibility to chat with direct message, Instagram is clearly not trying to hide its strategy.

Do you want to know the reasons why Instagram is adding these new features directly copied from its competitor?

  • Snapchat is “THE” new trendy app that has more millennial users than Instagram
  • Instagram’s first business model was great but was “fake”. Fake in a way that the pictures lacked spontaneity. Indeed, when you post on Instagram, you select the best picture you can to highlight your life, you add nice and artistic filters on it and you try to have the most likes you can on it.
  • While in the meantime, Snapchat was conquering users thanks to the spontaneity and authenticity of its business model.
  • Facebook has already tried 3 times to buy Snapchat without any success


One step, but only one winner

Instagram’s new moves are a real threat for Snapchat. Indeed, if users have the choice to share the same content on both apps, they would more easily go for Instagram. This app allows them to display their stories in front of an audience they have already built.

If we had to compare the main shared characteristics of these two app, here is what we would have:

Comparative table Instagram vs Snapchat


Moreover, Instagram is soon going to launch the possibility to tag friend or brands on stories; this will allow the brand to have a competitive advantage over Snapchat. Did you know that 75% of Instagram users take action (i.e. visiting a website, sending an email, etc) after looking at a post? This is something that Snapchat is struggling to compete with … At least at the moment.

In addition to this next move, Instagram is currently launching a “Live” option which will remove in the footsteps of Facebook Live and which would directly challenge Twitter’s Periscope.

It looks like Facebook is planning to transform Instagram into THE app for every other use than the one you have on Facebook!


Looking at the strategy deployed by the group to try to eject Snapchat via Instagram, you would not be surprised if I was telling you that even Facebook is « following » the trend?!

Last October, Facebook was testing (in Australia) a new service for its users; a new service weirdly similar to one of Snapchat’s options (and Instagram now). With the development of Messenger Day, Facebook is planning on incorporating the Stories option on its app. Do you think it is a clever move from the company?

And you, faithful readers, which app do you prefer: Instagram or Snapchat?