Years after years, YouTube became one of the most powerful media in the digital world.

Every day more than a billion users watch the equivalent of 46,000 years of videos! This audience (a third of all internet users in the world) represents a huge potential for your company, even more when you know that “an Internet user that watches a video with products has 1,6x more chances to buy them” (Siècle Digital, 2015).

Creating a content video marketing strategy is essential for your business. However your campaign has to be innovative an interactive to stand out from this digital crowd.

Below, you will watch five videos you should draw your inspiration from.

Dance Pony Dance

In 2013, Three UK, a UK Telco, launched his campaign “Dance Pony Dance”.

They recorded more than 2,500,000 views in only three days !

The special hashtag they created allowed the campaign to become viral within few days. #danceponydance had been mentioned 11,000 times in the first week, with an unbelievable positive comments rate of 95%!


Dumb Ways to Die

As all train companies around the world, the safety of their customers was a major issue for Metro Train Melbourne Pty Ltd, the operator of the suburban railway network.

After having tried various shock campaigns in the last years but without any significant results, they eventually decided in 2012 to use humor to raise awareness of their passenger.

WARNING! If you watch this video, just be aware you’ll have this song in mind all day long.

They didn’t expect such a result. More than 3,500,000 people watched the video within a month! They now reached 142,000,000 views.

The success of the campaign lies in the catchy song they especially wrote. It has been downloaded millions of times too.

In addition, riding the wave of the campaign’s success, Metro Train Melbourne launched a game as an iOS app. These mini games invite people to prevent those characters from having dangerous behaviors around trains.


How to Shock a Celebrity

Sabin Vaccine Institute had launched an innovative campaign in 2013, called END7. They were convinced (and still are) we could end seven diseases by 2020, and so end the suffering of millions of children in developing countries.

YouTube has been perfectly used to raise awareness of donors. They created a very shocking video but with a different concept than usual ones.

First of all they decided to film celebrities watching their video. So they did close-ups on Emily Blunt’s face, Eddie Redmayne’s and many others, to see how they reacted to pictures and videos of people suffering from neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and to capture their emotions.

So viewers were invited to watch the celebrities’ shocked face at the beginning and were then challenged to watch the video themselves.

Eventually, more than £60,000 were gathered within the first day (three times its production cost)!


Skittles’s double-interactive ads

Skittles is accustomed to absurd campaigns.

They launched a very easy to implement one in 2011, but which reveals itself very effective.

I let you find out by yourself:

They created five videos for this campaign that gathered 10 million views altogether.


Hell Pizza and zombies

All The Walking Dead fans will like this last campaign. It is an idea by Hell Pizza (a New Zealand-based pizza chain) who created an entire interactive movie adventure.

11 short videos were created, two to three minutes each. They make you intervene in the scenario by asking you questions on how you want the character to behave. As you may doubt, this decision will have an impact on the end of their adventure.

Will you be able to run away from the zombies and deliver the pizza alive? Do you even dare to try?

This campaign was a complete success! All of their videos gathered an average of three millions of views. The first one reached twelve million.

“Sales raised sharply and 43% of the growth was from new customers.” (Annes Org, 2016)


More than being a powerful tool to interact with your customers, YouTube is also very useful for your SEO. Indeed Google acquired the platform in 2006 and it is common knowledge that Google favors its own content in your research’s results. Being on YouTube will more likely allow your content to be ranked in the first page.