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Why Twitter is key for providing an outstanding customer support…

… and 20 simple tips to use Twitter as customer support in your company.

With more than 650 million users in the world, Twitter has become one of the inescapable social media. It is no coincidence that politicians grabbed the tool for their own communication and promotion.

Because Twitter is a hotbed of customer complaints, concerns, questions, frustrations and ask for help, it is logically a terrific place to give customers an outstanding support, a new way to understand and engage with them. And by doing that, companies can show the world how responsive they are and how customers matter to them.

But, let start from the one who is at the center of our concerns: the customer.

What do customers want?
Customers ask for individualized relation and instantaneousness.

– Customers want to be treated differently from the others.
– Customers do not want to get lost in a complex website to look for any information, document or contact they need.
– Customers do not want to be treated as an open case or a file number, by an anonymous customer support.
– Customers do not want to seek for FAQ anymore, which they maybe wrongly believe they don’t befit their needs.
When available and known, customers get used to ask to the community of users through forum and blogs because they know where the knowledge is, but it’s the consequence of a veritable deficiency from the companies.

Customers don’t accept to wait anymore.
Google and Wikipedia brought instantly knowledge in daily life. Mobile phones allow doing everything at any time.
“You will be called back” is not bearable anymore.
Customers ask for easiness and because time is money, the less time is spent with the company to solve an issue or answer to his question, the better is the experience.

In a nutshell, customers want all and want it now!

And it has always been.
It’s only because tools are now available that customers are more demanding than before.
There is maybe something new: customers want other users to be aware of the issue they are facing.
With social media, customers know that they regain power. They know, probably unconsciously that, by exposing their issue on a public place, they are putting a kind of pressure on company to take care of them.
“Please, take care of me, otherwise…”

Because of those two implicit customer needs, Twitter became more effective than other traditional channels: calls and emails. Long gone are the days when we could send a letter to claims department.

– Individualized.
Twitter allows to personalize the experience, comparable to a face-to-face interaction.

– Instantaneousness.
Twitter allows being fast in responding, the brand is there for people, exactly when they ask for it.

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Others customer-care exemples:

The following are few rules to set-up a customer support Twitter account:

1- Hire and train the right people. Those team members will have to get all the soft skills of a community manager: customer-oriented, curious, stress-resistant, diplomatic, responsive, and adaptable and above all, know the peoples who know.
2- Customer care support should have a specific twitter account created to separate individual issues and the corporate communication. But get sure that both teams remain connected.
3- The name should be meaningful and easy to find, but not too long: each character of the account name will be in deduction of the 140-characters allowed.
4- Personalize the twitter bio to give your company a more human face. You can also add pictures of the team.

Twitter Customer Support OVH


5- End the tweets with your name, it makes the brand approachable.
6- Use DM (direct messages) when the topic become more personal, but make all people aware that you did so.

Twitter Customer Support Nest DM


7- Answer to your entire customers messages, it fosters their likelihood to renew, their likelihood to recommend and their likelihood to buy another product.
8- Of course, answer to people that are not your customer yet. 77% of twitter users get a better image of the brand if they receive an answer to their tweet, fostering the brand loyalty.
9- If not available 24/7, state the opening hours should be stated in the bio.
10- The 140-characters limit should not obliterate the polite form of address in the messages: Hello, thanks, bye.
11- Permanently follow tweets quoting the company and Direct Messages
12- Also follow actions that are in progress internally to be able to give feedback to customer. Build an escalation track with commitments to guarantee short answering time.
13- Publish proactive tweets, in case of temporary degradation of service for example. It prevent for massive customer complaints.

Twitter Customer Support Nest issue

14- Promote you Customer support Twitter address in all your contents.
15- Provide links to content by using short-URLs (tiny URL).
16- Take the opportunity of customer questions to write Frequently Asked Questions you will be able to refer to afterwards.
17- Make the team evangelist of the Voice Of Customer. There are so much that the company can learn by listening their customers.
18- Then publicly quote customers who thank you.
19- Suggest customers to follow the corporate twitter account.
20- And finally, invite customers to fill a satisfaction survey…

…for a seamless Digital Customer Experience.

For all those reasons, I embraced the motto written by Auguste Detoeuf in 1930, long time ago before Twitter:

“Take care of non-demanding customers, they make you live.
Take care of demanding customers, they make you progress.”

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