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5 reasons why you should use WECHAT

Written by Amélie TRANOIS

Unless you haven’t come out of your house for the last 10 years, you must know Wechat – in Chinese wēixìn 微信. Let me introduce to you THE new digital trend of 2016! (In case you missed it, check it out:

If Wechat was a country, it will be the 5th in the world in terms of population. 1.1 billion profile created since January 2011. Amazing, right? Western Social Networks will really have to worry, because Wechat is about to conquer the world! Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely download this app.

  1. All in one

At first sight, WeChat is a mobile messaging application with features similar to its competitors such as Messenger and WhatsApp. The aim is to communicate with people we know (friends, family…) and unknown (leads, prospects…) using text, video, voice or image. But Wechat is so much more than: it lets you do everything at once. Order a cab? yes. Pay Bills? Yes. Book airline tickets? Purchase products? Yes, and yes.

Somehow you can enjoy all features of Uber, Facebook, ApplePay, Snapchat, Amazon, Skype, Tinder in one app. Enough to spend your entire on your sofa and do all the daily actions. Welcome to the future!

Fun fact: When I lived in Shanghai, it happened to me not to leave my home for an entire week end (without dying). At the end of theses 2 long days locked up in my small apartment, I made a retrospective on what happened. I had signed a deal with a new partner for my business. I had send flowers for my brother’s birthday. My fridge was full and my clothes were washed and ironed as if by magic. The hardest part was knowing what I wanted to order for diner and wait for the delivery. Who said Millenniums were lazy? We are just smarter.

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  1. Build long-term relationships

A verified official WeChat account allows companies to promote new products through high quality content. Indeed, it is the opportunity for companies to engage its audience and convert it into real customers. Businesses can communicate “directly” with users who follow them. Keeping your customers well-informed improves the spread of your message and your commitment rate.

Members can also subscribe to the loyalty program, allowing them to use a geo-dependent membership card linked to their WeChat ID or phone number. Brands can thus adapt their marketing strategy and personalized sales and promotions to a certain category of users directly through the application. As a member, you can receive notifications about promotional offers or e-coupons. Not only companies can send offers to their target, but they can also encourage the creation of a community around its brand. Wechat has more than 10,000,000 official accounts, it has something for everyone.










  1. Interact differently

WeChat is well-known for its proximity between brands and consumers. Do you actually know you can play with your favorites brands?

Companies are putting more resources into WeChat by running interactive digital campaigns linked to local festivals like the Chinese’s New Year or the Fashion Week. Businesses must reach a minimum of 100,000 followers to launch an advertising campaign. This is the case of Burberry which had created a partnership with WeChat, in August 2013, to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market. Members had to shake their phone in order to win a ticket for the British Fashion House in Shanghai. Once the event is finished, Burberry’s followers experienced the event in immersive 360° through its official account. 

But that’s not all – On official accounts, automatic reply systems can be set up from the recognition of some keywords. Bots with artificial intelligence begin to appear in order to improve services and be as reactive as possible. The satisfaction of potential consumer has no limit, except creativity.

Brands need to connect with their audiences where and when they are active in the way they communicate on a particular medium” Brian Honigman – CEO of Honigman Media

  1. Purchase online

Imagine a huge shopping mall with more than 300,000 stores accessible from your mobile without changing platform. Wechat did it by introducing the notion of M-commerce.

WeChat offers a “Wallet” feature that link your profile to your bank account or credit card, making purchases possible via your Smartphone. 200 million users have already connected their credit cards to their account. And More than 83% of WeChat users buy products online. These purchases can be made either online directly on the application, or offline by scanning a QR code that allows the payment via the APP.

  1. (Finally?) Use QR Codes

If you still don’t know what a QR Code is, you can read my former article:

In short, a QR code is a 2D bar code that integrates encoding information. Little used in Europe, this technology has failed to attract its audience. In Asia, QR codes are everything. And this is really interesting to note that Wechat plays with them and reinvent their utilities making O2O. By scanning a code, you can add new contacts, connect your WeChat account to your computer or validate your loyalty card at the store’s checkouts.

Besides the Chinese Giant has built-in its own code reader! You are no longer confused with other APP and have no excuse for not using them. Would you also like to take part? Exchange your old-school business cards for Qr code!


With more than 806 million active users, WeChat is the fourth most popular instant messaging application in the world. More than 90% of WeChat members use it daily, and spend on average 40 min per day on it. Wechat’s promise is simple, they focus on one single network! China’s booming mobile app prepare its International expansion and its first victims will be European airports. Travelers will have to login to access a portal of hundreds of brands – already implemented in duty free shops – and services. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to make purchases, withdraw it later, compare prices and taxes or book a hotel room.  That is fair enough Wechat, we are waiting for you! See you soon 😉


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