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Food Market Digitalisation #1

How to attract clients into your restaurant
Naïm Meguellati
Written by Naïm Meguellati

How the Foodtech can enhance the number of customers in your restaurant ?

Digital transformation of restaurant in France is one of the most important challenge of the Frenchtech. But Restaurants are reluctant to embrace such a strategy, and go by the customers new behaviors. Why ?

In 2015, 10 billions euros have been injected in food tech startups in the world and France has not been left behind. There is a huge focus by investors on the food tech leading by food delivery and companies like Deliveroo which raised 275 million euros few month ago for their European development.

In this fast paced environment, restaurants have now a bunch of tools to help them with their daily work but they must learn to know them and see the added value of those services.


Knowing that 8 over 10 people are looking online before going to a restaurant, and that half of them are doing it on mobile, it would be a shame not helping them finding you. 

Ranking is everything : having a 5 stars notation on TripAdvisor could have a huge impact on your activity. It is really crucial to be present on SEO websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp and control the information given. Moreover, being registered on Google My Business could allow you to be present on Google Map and search for customer near your business.

Social media is also gaining a great importance in web presence for restaurants. The most adapted for restaurants are Facebook, obviously, and Instagram. That is why, having beautiful content is a key for trendy restaurant to attract clients. For instance, Shiso Burger, a new restaurant in Paris 1st arrondissement is an exemple with their 5k Facebook fans :

Some startups could help you having a total control on your online presence. ZenChef offers you a huge gain of time with their all-in-one solution.


When you’re thinking about Foodtech, the first idea you have in mind is food-delivery. For restaurant, the current hyper competitive market of food delivering is a windfall.

The platform enable you to offert a extra service to your current client, and new coming client : delivering! This extra services handled by the platform cost between 20 to 30% of the revenus generated by the sales through this platform without any set up fees. It is a direct way to raise your number of clients even if your restaurant is full.

More that only gain new clients, it allows also to make you known over your borough. Customers who will come back to your restaurant if you offered them a good


In exchange of a discount on your price, some websites, the most famous exemple the Fork, could help you reach clients through  their platform which have a huge number of visitors. “La Fourchette” succeeded in create a community of foodies helping customers finding a restaurant and book a table.

Some different type of startups are developing this idea. Companies like Fudo or BIM show to the application users the best restaurants around them and if they can find an open table. Nothing is more frustrating for a client than going on restaurant and do not find a free table to eat.

More than taking reservation on phone and loose time doing this, this new model can help you gaining time and clients at the same time.


Some companies have understood the problem of restaurant concerning the food made for the day but do not sell to their customer. Through different platform like Optimiam of To Good to Go they can offer you to sell your unsold meals at the end of the day to new customers.

It could give you a way to limit food wasting and find customers for product that hadn’t been sold during the day. This way, customers can try your food with a discount on it and give them the will to come an other day.

But things are moving fast, and a group of specialist of restauration are organized to talk about digitalisation of their market. Tiller, french leader of cash register on iPad, just launch « La Frégate » to give restaurateur real advice on their digital development.

More that only gain new clients, it allows also to make you known over your borough. Customers who will come back to your restaurant if you offered them a good

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