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In previous years, customers were loyal to their brand and had a special relationship with it. Customers were looking at advertisements through a television ad, advertising in a magazine or street advertisement. Nowadays, customers are continuously interacting with the brands thanks to their smartphone, tablet or internet. The world of digital has revolutionized the means of communication of brands. Advertisers are now forced to be where their customers are in order to connect with them. Social networks have changed the power spectrum. Digital marketing brings new meanings to marketing. It creates a real relationship with consumers, improves understanding and anticipates their needs and expectations. Nevertheless, the digital ecosystem is complex, the competition is increasingly strong.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to be present with the digital tools to ensure its development: It is first and foremost to define a strategy. Many companies work without a real digital strategy. Digital marketing has the advantage of being more reactive than other marketing channels, but without a certain strategy, using digital marketing is needless and not productive.

When it comes the digital presence and reputation of a company, brand awareness is undoubtedly a huge part of this. Raising brand awareness, especially for budding brands is one of the most daunting hurdles the company will face at the beginning of its growth
journey. However, it’s not only about being known-it’s about being trusted. A company with a strong and respectable foundation among its network, consumers and prospective relationships will have a much easier time establishing itself in the long-run.

Social media is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness, since it allows us the ability to reach out and directly communicate with our target audience. Not only does social media allow us to forge connections, but when used correctly, it can assist in converting new clients.

Social networks have three distinguished features : Connect, Share and Engage. It allows you to connect with potentials clients, industry professionals, community, colleagues and influencers. On social media, you can share content such as press, office events, photos, links and commentary. To engage followers on social platforms, you need to interact and identify new customers through, comments, posts, messages, shares and likes.

Posting consistently isn’t realistic. We will burn out if we try to start this way. Instead, be
realistic about the amount of time you have for social media. Every company has a mix of consumers, contractors, partners, industry professionals, and possibly even friends and family members. They have to keep this in mind when writing their posts, and speak to them appropriately.

First, you have to choose the right platforms

Social media is a broad term that encompasses many different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are all popular platforms. Snapchat is another social network with increasing popularity. As you decide to use those social platform for your business, there are several key decisions one must make.

● Do I create unique pages for my personal life and business life ?
● What posting times/content is necessary for that platform ?
● Are my clients and potential client on that platform and how do I reach them ?
● What kind of time and investment is necessary to support that platform ?

Once you research and answer those questions, you can build a mental plan to utilise a social network for your business

On the different platforms, you must be aware it’s really important to have a real strategy. You have to determine a schedule, plan out your posts (roughly 2-3 posts per week) and understand their purpose.

Every one has also to know who you’re after, you have to identify who you want to engage, observe what works and who is most responsive. You should reach out in ways that work best. Finally, you have to share valuable content, to research what kinds of stories are getting the most traction. Provide your audience with engaging content and see if the content you are providing is the perfect recipe for success.


Sharing content

It can be intimidating, there is so much out there, other people are already
sharing things “Is it okay to share the same”… should I be looking for the most exotic content? In fact, you have to look for the most valuable. This is the trickiest part: where do you get content ? How do you know what will be engaging ? If you use social media regularly, you’ll get a feel for this, but starting off, it can be difficult to know how to do it right. Use trusted sources to find articles you think your followers will enjoy….

Today’s digital space is notoriously transparent. It’s very hard for companies to gain organic following among readers and users, but it’s even harder for corporations to gain authentic trust among its audiences because virtually nothing can be hidden in the Age of the Internet. Positive brand awareness and a fruitful social media life for a company can be a relatively inexpensive investment, but have exponentially rewarding results.

Digital platforms can act as huge jumping grounds for engagement with users with potential cult following and brand loyalty

The benefits of social media provide can create a distinguished brand awareness unlike any other. In the modern-day evolution of the digital marketing space and ways to engage with different networks, there is opportunity to create a dynamic shift….


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