2 006 000 000! That is the number of monthly active users worldwide on Facebook from April to June 2017. In less than ten years, the N°1 social network has become one of the best marketing platform for brands: 1 person out of 3 can be reached with Facebook Advertising worldwide!

The attractiveness of Facebook as a new media alternative for brands is overwhelming. I am sure you would like to know what makes Facebook Advertising so appealing. A major fact is that Facebook allows brands to advertise differently through an increasingly precise targeting.


How to use specific audiences on Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising allows to choose who will be able to see your ads.

What’s the worst thing for a business? Spending money on marketing and advertising while knowing a part of the reached people will not have any interest for its product.
Companies can choose precisely who to target! Facebook gives businesses different criteria to target the right people and to learn about the persona. Here are the first things you need to know about Facebook’s audience: enjoy!

1. Demographics

You can sort Facebook users by age, country, gender, language… Basic and simple, but essential. For instance, if you are selling cosmetics online, then you would prefer to target women. With Facebook, you can do it easily.

2. Interests

What does your main audience love? Bloggers? Food? Coffee or even cats? Find out who your main audience is and likes, and start targeting the right new audience to make your campaigns’ objectives reachable. Define your audiences by targeting your own persona’s interests.

3. Personalised audiences (subscribers, website’s visitors…)

Targeting your own database is being made possible through an easy and cheap way on Facebook. Find additional revenue easily by targeting your current audience and you will for sure be happy with your results!
Then, when looking for new qualified audiences, excluding your current databases from your campaigns is mandatory. By doing so, businesses can easily target a really new audience. Then, they can analyse how they succeeded or failed to attract a particular kind of prospects. One targeting after another, you will be able to sharpen your persona to finally make your Facebook campaigns more and more efficient.

4. Lookalike audiences

Your own database is full of knowledge on Facebook! Not only a way to promote your products and make your revenue bigger, it can also help you reach new people. Once you know your database is relevant and big enough, that it was successful and showed you were targeting the right person, you can use it to target other people as well! Upload your audience on Facebook and create a similar audience. This will target people who have similar interests than your own database. It can either be a very similar audience that will be small, or an audience that will be larger, but less similar than your initial audience. Clever, isn’t it?

5. Shared audiences

Doing partnerships can also be a way of targeting a partner’s database. If you find similarities with another company’s customers, then that is perfect! Share both your personalised audiences with each other and gain new prospects easily.

6. Retargeting an audience reached thanks to other levers

As you might know, many online platforms exist to advertise. For example, Snapchat makes your brand very visible but does not really help your business grow revenue as fast as Facebook. You must be smart and agile! Target your Snapchat Ad viewers a second time through a different lever and a different message. This will for sure lead your online marketing more effective and relevant!

You are now ready for the first step to advertise through Facebook. Build various and clever Facebook audiences, in order to make your business bigger and bigger. If you feel like knowing how to target the right person, please watch this short video.

Good luck and work hard!