Social Media might turn other social media into fossils

Nowadays, almost of people are into some of social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. no matter how old we are! Social media have become a part of our lives. And a lot of new social medias are still born, also disappearing. Unfortunately, people easily get bored, especially teenagers. For example, Snapchat or Instagram might be already outdated for them.

Then, have you ever heard of “”? Have you ever used it? If yes, you are caching up with the trend of social media like teenagers (Or you are a teenager). If not, it’s worth to look at it. Especially if you are doing business for teenagers!

  1. What is started the service in San Francisco and Shanghai in 2014. It’s a social media which has features for creating videos and sharing them with others. They have 200 million users (actually, they are called “musers”) all of the world and 60 million users are active every day (in 2017). It’s an amazing score, isn’t it? Then let’s dive into the features deeper!

(1) Easy to create “cool short videos”
You can create a “15 seconds video” with with your favourite music (we can choose music on the database of or our phone). And it has surprising features for editing videos! For example, you can modify the speed of music or video as you want, like real video edit apps. Also, lets you do duet with videos of other musers.  You can choose videos on and then you can start a duet! Have you dreamed about singing with your favourite celebrities? There are also celebrities on, so it’s time to make your dreams come true!

(2) Holding “contest” or “challenge”
Once you open, you may see a hash tag of “contest” or “challenge”. And if you tapped it, you will see details and rules how to join the contests or challenges. Also you can see a lot of videos of other users who uploaded videos for the contests and challenges, and how popular they are! But why does this feature stimulate the users?  Because musers can get a prise from sponsors of the “contests” or “challenge”, also get a lot of attentions from other users. For example, GMA (Good Morning America) held “GMA’S MUSICAL.LY CHALLENGE” in 2016, and all musers who are older than 16 years old could participate in the contest. And their surprising prises were below.
Finalist Prize: Travel to NY and perform on GMA
Grand Prize: Meet “Demi Lovato” on her summer concert and 2 tickets for her tour

The finalists of the contest were “Cameron McLeod”, 17 years old and “Lauren Godwin”, 16 years old.
And now, Cameron has 1 million fans and 32.4 million likes, Lauren has 7.6 million fans and 1.2 billion likes.

Honestly speaking, they look like just kids, but in fact, they are now like celebrities and it means that all musers might be able to become like them.

(3) Pushing “trend hash tags”
You can also see hash tags which are trending now, once you log in. And it tells you what kind of video you should create if you want to be watched by a lot of people. So even if you want to upload catchy videos but you don’t have any ideas, you can be inspired by those hash tags. You don’t have to be in so much trouble to be a “muser”!

  1. Why do we need to pay attention to

    I think that you’ve understood how popular is for teenagers.
    However, I guess that you are thinking it’s for just kids, not for adults.
    Then I will explain to you why it may be important for your business!

(1) Surprisingly grown up, still growing up

As I mentioned above, they achieved 200 million users in 3 years!
And it’s possible that it’s still going to grow up.
As a result of search on SimilarWeb, it’s still highly ranked in the social app ranking of Google Play in USA.

Also, according to the App ranking of other countries, seems popular in Europe, Africa, the Middle East too.

However, it doesn’t seem trending yet in Asia. But in this year, Chinese start-up, “ByteDance” bought with up to $1 billion. In fact, “Bytedance” is running the social media, which is called “Tik Tok”. This is also a completely same service with And Tik Tok is super popular in Asian countires!

So if these services were integrated, they will have numerous users whole of world! It may be going to beat “old” social medias in the future.

(2) Still unperfect, but tremendous chances
In fact, the system of advertisements on is not completely made yet. However, A lot of influencers are existing, and they have up to 144 million fans!
So if you are interested in influencer marketing, you can directly contact them and try to engage with them to boost your productions or services!
And you don’t have to try to engage with such super influencers, you can find various influencers and just choose suitable one!

(3) Engaging with teenagers
As I mentioned, it’s attracting teenagers, and 64% of musers are 13 – 24 y.o, also 75% of them are female (in USA).
So if you are doing business for such targets, you may be able to directly engage with your ideal targets thorough
It may be simpler than looking for your targets and thinking about advertisments and strategies in other social medias. may not be for adults, but it may help your business to go futher!
And if you still have a dream to be celebrities which you might used to dream when you were teenagers,
you can try to make your dreams come true on 🙂


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