NIVEA recently launched its first innovative electric cleaning brush. 

As Pure Skin Brush is a more valorized product, the communication strategy for the launch needed to be different. Lydia Hammerschmidt, NIVEA Face Care Brand Manager who was in charge of the launch, agreed to answer some questions. 

What main challenge did NIVEA face for the launch of Pure Skin? 

From a marketing point of view, it was crucial for NIVEA to develop ​Pure Skin based on an existing need. The consumer need is the following: “my skin is not cleansed as I am not aware of all the impurities I have on my face”. It is very different from usual launches because the need is not a natural one. It was very challenging to build a strong strategy to make women aware of this need in order to create desire and trigger purchases. NIVEA used an “Eye Opener” to take on this challenge of raising awareness on the cleansing brush and explaining why women should clean their skin more efficiently. Thanks to its unique micro-oscillation system, ​NIVEA Pure Skin Brush cleanses women skin and clogged pores seven times more effectively than classic cleansing.

What role did digital play in the communication campaign? 

The ​Pure Skin Brush is expensive (69,90€​*​) in comparison to other beauty products on the market. As a result, it was substantial to think and work differently on the communication campaign. On one hand, the powerful and attracting TV advertisement plays the role of an Eye Opener to boost recognition and create awareness of Pure Skin. For such involving decisions, consumers are not likely to buy impulsively. They hear about Pure Skin, become

aware of the cleansing need thanks to the TV spot, and then type keywords on the Internet (“Cleansing Brush”, “Pure Skin Brush” or “Nivea Brush”…). The digital strategy was elevated to the same level of importance as TV but with a different role. Digital helps reassuring consumers that the brush really works by providing credible proofs.  

*​The retailer is free to set his own price, POM = €69,90


How to make sure hot prospects are reassured with digital?

The quality of the content generated is really important because it could influence women and make them buy the ​NIVEA Pure Skin Brush​. Great reviews and top grades, not from the brand but from already satisfied consumers, are needed to trigger other purchases. In a marketing context of ZMOT, people love going on E-commerce websites to look at reviews. As they especially go on Amazon to do so, it was important that peers of the targeted consumers share their opinions to reassure them on the efficiency of the brush. To get reviews on Amazon, NIVEA sent the Pure Skin Brush to the testing club in order to collect their review. Now, NIVEA Pure Skin has great reviews and scores with 4,7/5 on ​Amazon and 4,4/5 on ​​. To purchase Pure Skin, women need to be aware of the need but also to have faith in the brush. Therefore, all this content reassures hot prospects and pushes them into the conversion. 

Was the optimization of SEA part of the strategy? 

In digital, it is crucial to appear in the first results for queries related to Pure Skin keywords. Not appearing on the top searches is the same as being out of shelf. Consequently, it was important to maximize the SEA strategy by generating quality content about the ​NIVEA Pure Skin Brush​. Keywords were picked to be included in all the articles published by NIVEA. Bloggers were briefed with those same keywords. The same was done for journalists. The press kit contained all the keywords they needed to repeat in their article. That way, all the generated content contributed to Pure Skin SEA, so the Brush is ranked high on Google searches.  

Is communication likewise between journalists and bloggers about Pure Skin? 

The form of communication varies, but the content about ​Pure Skin is exactly the same. In other words, the message delivered is identical, while the communication is adapted. The first reaction of the bloggers when they discovered Pure Skin was to capture this exclusive live moment. They published everything on social media to share with their community instantaneously. Consequently, this fulfilled the need to be amazing and transposable on digital platforms. The porting also needed to be good-looking to create attraction when the blogger will film the unpacking. For bloggers, the visual aspect is really important and must be well considered. Journalists are less in the present moment compared to bloggers. They take the content of the press kit and rethink it to write their own article for their magazine. Because journalists are used to be solicited by many brands, they need to be surprised and the storytelling must be very different. 

How to successfully brief agencies on a massive launch like Pure Skin? Meetings were set up with all the agencies taking part in the ​Pure Skin adventure to brief them all at the same time. As every piece of work made by one agency will impact the work of another one, it is crucial that they all have a common 360° vision to be consistent in the global communication strategy. The agencies were given a marketing objective, the desired quantified results and were delivered the means to achieve the goal. Because the launch is unusual for NIVEA in terms of marketing strategy, it was a tough job to challenge the agencies and raise their ambitions to get the best results possible. 

What were the results for Pure Skin? 

Pure Skin by NIVEA is a successful launch making noise online, thanks to the digital campaign and the influence strategy put in place. Of course, the real and established quality of the product have greatly boosted all the positive content posted online that powered word of mouth marketing. You have to be entrepreneurial and responsive to make such a successful launch.

And you, what do you think of the new NIVEA Pure Skin Brush?

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