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Great tools to keep track of your new year resolutions

« New year, new me ». You’ve probably heard this a thousand times… since January the 1st. Working out, eating healthy, quitting smoking… these promises have something in common: the difficulty of keeping them. Let’s find out some great tools/tips to keep track of your new year resolutions.

Build your own Trello

Trello is a tool that usually serves for project management purposes. But you can use in for your own good. The tool works especially well for agile orientated companies/teams. Because it allows the people involved to re-schedule, re-define and even re-manage tasks/missions during the very period of its completion. Building your own Trello will allow you to keep track of what you promised yourself. For instance, if your main new year resolution is « eating healthy », you could create cards of meals to prepare, in order to make sure you respect the recipes you’re making.

Using Trello for your own personal objectives also allows you to mess with the details of your « tasks » when it’s in progress. If you considerate that the objective is too hard, you can modify them on the way. Same if you think you can go even further.

The main advantage of using Trello to keep track of your resolutions, is that you can place your tasks/cards in columns. In classics scenarios you can find three of them : To Do, In Progress and Done. Nice and simple. But freedom is yours with this tool, and adding some columns for new ideas or very particular resolutions is not forbidden. Second level of detailing : the labels. On Trello cards, you can add labels in order to, for example, categorize your resolutions. You have the capacity to completely define what your labels will be. So you could, for instance, create labels for levels of priority. Or for category of resolutions. Completely up to you.

Draw them down as small visualizations

This is inspired by an amazing experience, shared by two women. Georgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec once had the awesome idea to write/draw everything they’ve done during the day. And most importantly, they sent this visualizations built after their own datas to each other on postcards. The results are astonishing and that’s a great way to keep track of what you’re doing. They spent 52 weeks (an entire year) doing this and the datas tracked varied from « time spent on » to « to do lists ». This project was called « Dear Data » by the two friends.

You could try & adapt this concept on your own resolutions. Let’s take the « work out » example, easy with this tool. You can keep track of what exercices you’re focusing on and how much time you spend on these. Or even the weight you’ve lost each month. The possibilities are infinite, since this is not data you’re collecting from something already existing : you’re creating them.

Building your own data and create your own way of visualizing them is a perfect way to keep track of what you’re doing. You’re the producer, the collector, and the analyst. There’s no way you won’t reach your dream resolutions with this method! Plus, sharing these with a friend will automatically create a witness, someone that will be able to say if you’re following the rules. You can even find someone to play along. You know what they say, hitting the gym is easier if there are two of you

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