Mobile is not questioned anymore in B2C but some people are still questioning the value of mobile in B2B. But in fact mobile is not only a consumer good but a real business tool. The mobile is the only device that is: Always on, Always connected to the Web and Always with our audience. This is true in our personal life but also in our professional life.

The obsession of using mobile is reflecting for the last years in the B2B search queries.  Not only the numbers of search on mobile is increasing but more than 90% of these B2B buyers using mobile for their searches are now using it throughout the path to purchase.

Build you content to reach your audience

Everything is moving global and fast nowadays. Getting the information right in time can be a strong competitive advantage and Mobile is a great channel for this. So to be successful in B2B with mobile, you first need to build a proper content strategy for the mobile.

Nowadays on mobile video is making a big difference in B2B because what is sold in B2B is usually more complex than in B2C so video is a good support to explain your value proposition. Not only more B2B buyers look at videos but the time spent looking at video during each buying journey is increasing.

You need to define your video strategy very carefully addressing the 3 following points:

  • Create the content that people are willing to look at on a regular basis and typically these are the “how to” videos concerning your products and services means all you Hygiene
  • Create content that inspires your customers, make them change their mind on your brand means all your Hero content
  • Define what is the Hub on which you want your customers to see your videos and to be able to get back to it whenever they want

But more generally speaking, you need to prepare carefully your content and make it as interactive as possible with your customer.

Use the channels where your audience is

You need to think about what are the channels to use to reach your customers with your content.

This first thing is to ease the content consumption.

QRCode is very powerful for this. You can also use them on your business cards or collaterals to bring your customers to you Hero content

Then it is important to develop a continuous relationship with your customers. For this you can use either SMS or notifications.

Once you have built the contents that your audience is looking for you can propose them subscription so you can push the latest information they looking for through SMS.

You can also use notifications in your mobile apps to push for call to actions – ex: push for more sales sending notifications in terms of sales levels within your loyalty program.

Some companies are even developing some apps to distribute on a continuous basis information and have success with it – ex: Thomson Reuters with their app for lawyers

Replace your printer collaterals by mobile apps

What is the first thing you receive going to a Trade show? A lot of printed collaterals briefing you on the schedule, different events & speakers and showing you the plan of the trade show.

Something much more powerful would be an app that gives you all the information because you have it in your hand anytime but on top of this it can be very interactive reminding you the events you don’t want to miss, asking you for feed-backs, allowing you to ask questions to the speakers, allowing you to answer to some poles, distributing some videos of the different events…

Give to your partners “friction-free” apps that bring then productivity & simplicity in their daily work

In B2B you are relying on partners to sell your products and services to end customers and if you can help them to do so you will be able to increase your partners and help each of them be more efficient in selling your products and services.

To do so again mobile is a great solution because your partners can use your apps anytime, anywhere – ex: you can make “Configure, Quote and Price” apps to your partners so they can build solutions in front of the customers and place orders right away instead of waiting to get back to the office to report the customer discussions and place the orders. These types of solutions can also go further allowing to check the stock levels in real time and push promotions.

So in conclusion, Mobile is not only a B2C tool but really needs to be looked out to develop you B2B activities. Today this is an effective way of developing your business with your partners but tomorrow this will just be a must.