Today, stores have entered a new era: Phygital! It is the fact that a large majority of the population is connected: always and everywhere. This has profoundly changed the purchasing behaviours. Who can claim today not to expect for his/her favorite brand to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ? Who has not yet acquired this reflex to consult the product or service coveted via its search engine to compare the offer, view the reviews or simply know the availability in store to avoid unnecessary travel ?

The bringing together of the digital world with the physical point of sale is inevitable for beauty brands. Let’s have a closer look at two different beauty brands that both use phygital to enhance their customer experience.

The new way to shop at Sephora

In 2017, Sephora launched new in-store services to go further in digitization. At the time of blooming e-shopping and social networks, Sephora wanted to reinvent the customer experience in stores to offer complementarity and a constant link between e-commerce and physical spaces. An approach that required the introduction of new digital and physical services:

● Interactive terminals: Customers have access to the whole catalog and can order and pay for their purchases online at the same time as their purchases made in store.

● Beauty Hub : Customers can try the products, but also take makeup classes.

● Beauty Board : A screen displays the latest posts made on the social network.

Picture credit: Sephora


Élisabeth Sehmer, marketing director of Sephora France, said that “our priority is to regularly renovate our stores to bring new experiences to our customers. We have always been adept at test and learn and are constantly developing new services “.


The luxury retail experience at TOM FORD BEAUTY

For the opening of its first shop in London in late 2017, the luxury brand TOM FORD BEAUTY has also chosen to set up a phygital concept. This 130-square-meter boutique offers its own shopping experience, while being equipped with a variety of digital technologies that bring together technical innovation, custom sculptural design, and most coveted services for customers :

● Augmented reality that allow customers to virtually try out the tones of the most wanted lipstick collection.

● Interactive installation that enables customers to digitally explore the atypical scents of the perfume collection.

● Services only available by online appointment

The perfect balance between physical and digital

Phygital translates the inexorable digitization of the world in general and of commerce in particular. The examples of Sephora and Tom Ford show that there is a complementarity between the point of sale and digital. The physical store brings all the experiential, emotional and relational aspects, whereas digital is a tool at the service of the customer to enhance its retail experience. Thus, the use of phygital aims to create an even more successful, more memorable, and richer experience in store.

Among the various objectives of a phygital experience, there is specifically the need to converge online and offline to:

1. Facilitate the purchase and accompany the customer from pre-shopping to after-sales service

2. Reinvent and expand the store to create an omni-channel experience

3. Collect and homogenize customer data to customize the offer and service

4. Integrate mobile location devices to inform, educate and engage customers

5. Extend the shopping experience on social networks and encourage interactions with brands

What to expect to captivate the consumers of tomorrow?

And you, what do you think of phygital ?

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