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UX | Scouting video content creators: improving Vimeo’s User Experience

Prototyping an enhanced version of Vimeo dedicated to the visibility of content creators.

Look around you. In the subway corridors with a vertical format, in shopping centers on giant screens, in your favorite app with a lower resolution or in your Facebook feed with your favorite device: videos are everywhere. On YouTube, more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched everyday by users spending on average 45 minutes per day watching videos. Facebook and YouTube are both fighting to become the video hub which will lead the $511bn online video advertising market, with a cost per view sometimes lowered to 0.01 cents of a dollar in order to attract announcers. With a CPV under the cent video advertising is now accessible to small and medium businesses, provided they pass a key step: to find content creators able to produce their video.

If the race to become the leading online video advertising company seems to be lost for Vimeo, the self-described “high quality home for video hosting and sharing” platform is still one of the best places to find professional video content creators, even if the user interface (UI) isn’t designed for it. Since its launch in 2004, the platform quickly became the favorite place for hosting quality content in the filmmaking and video-making industries and now potentially has one of the largest databases of qualified video content creators.

One of the key points you may want to know about the video production industry is that scouting talents and finding creative content creators to do the right job at the right place is a real difficulty for most players. As filmmaking is an artisanal activity, most of the filmmakers communicate in their own name… So how do advertisers know that they have to type “Jean Dupont” in Google to find a filmmaker able to handle high-quality humoristic commercials? How do they know that they have to type “Jeanne Marie” to find a film production company specialized in corporate advertising under $10K in Paris? Well, they just don’t know, but Jean Dupont and Anne Marie have something in common: they both have accounts and publish their work on Vimeo.

Even if talent scouting isn’t at the core of the Vimeo’s business model, I personally believe that Vimeo has many positive assets to become the leader in this market. So, as a filmmaker and a Digital Business Strategy student, here are my practical thoughts about what Vimeo could do to improve its user experience, make the best use of its databases and slowly add functionalities for scouting content creators: to improve the people search functionalities and to improve the sharing functionalities.



It would be great that advertisers are able to filter content creators by type of content, themes, type of distribution, localities, prizes, all at the same time.

Type of content

Allowing to filter content creators by the type of content they produce would help Vimeo to deliver a basic information to the user and reduce frustration. Advertiser usually have very specific needs and don’t want to struggle to find someone able to produce a commercial, a documentary, a short film, a music video or even a travel video. Moreover, these types of videos do not require the same competencies from the production side. It is therefore important to apply this first filter.

Video themes

Then, being able to filter the type of content by theme is another way to reduce the search time and ensure that the user finds the creator he needs. If a startup working in the connected clothes industry is looking for a new commercial, it might be much easier for the team to search for a creator with some commercial videos in the fashion industry in its portfolio rather than just commercials.

Video distribution

Distribution is then another important factor. Producing a video for the television, a worldwide Facebook Ads campaign, a small YouTube channel or for a festival expects different results, different budgets and doesn’t require the same skills. The user might want to be inspired by the best TV commercials but at the end of his journey, he wants to find the right creator working in his budget range, not the unaffordable artist.

Prototype of a page based on content creators



Location is another important factor as small and medium businesses probably won’t hire someone living 10 000km away. Someone living in the close city might be good enough do the job, so users might appreciate to filter people by location.


Prizes is another important filter as they are not only a source of inspiration for users but also testify of the expertise of the creator. And here, Vimeo is leading the industry with its renowned “Vimeo Staff Picks” prize.



In parallel with improving its search functionalities, Vimeo could also improve its sharing functionalities in the way Pinterest does by allowing the user to share a curation of content creators with its team, to quickly compare creators, to add comments and send notes. This would help Vimeo to stand up against YouTube in order to become the reference for content creator scouting.


Prototype of share functionnalities

Prototype of a selection that could be shared

Prototype of a selection that could be shared


I personally think that both the search and share functionalities could help advertisers and creative agencies to elect their next content creator and help content creators to show and valorize their work.

If Vimeo is already high-quality home for video hosting and sharing in the mind of many filmmakers, the company has the potential to become the high-quality home for video talent scouting and these functionalities are just quick thoughts about how to do it.

And you, do you have any ideas to improve Vimeo’s user experience?



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