You will now forget everything you know about previous generations. Gen Z is not defined by events but by behaviors. They have grown up more exposed to the world than any previous generation: 47% of Gen Z has already consider themselves to be an expert in something. Big companies are no longer an ideal: if they are not happy, they will change. Brand loyalty is very hard to acquire and to keep.

Advertising agencies have to be flexible and aware of millennials’ behavior by adapting and broadcasting the campaign through different touchpoint; so dealing with digital platform and traditional medias such as TV and billboards.

Rather than taking an all or nothing approach, it appears that a multi-channel approach that leverages the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital will perform best.
As the audience is daily confronted to advertising, the most important for brands is to know what message they want to share and which media is more relevant to spread the message.

To know about the subject, please do take a look at the video below.