Product and Marketing alignment in 2018

Product first company such as Slack or Intercom know the importance of a strong content strategy whether to generate qualified leads, brand awareness, or attract talents.

Words matter.

But what about Marketing when it deals with product features ? Basically, how to align your Product and your Marketing? These two will work hand-to-hand more than ever in 2018.


What is product marketing about?


Created by Drift


At Drift, Product Marketing is a little bit challenging to define because it’s a field which sits at the intersection of Sales, Product and Marketing.

Before a product launch

Product marketers typically own positioning, messaging, gathering customer feedback, and the overall go-to-market strategy for a product.

After a product launch

Product marketers help with sales enablement and focus on driving demand, adoption and the overall success of the product.

At Side, we established our product marketing with several goals such as:

* Engage more and more our companies by multiplying product oriented touchpoints

* Match the proper seasonality with relevant companies that needs us regarding their activities or industries.

* Reinforce positioning and deliver a clear message with a unique value proposition

* Limit and reduce the risk of churn

* Nurture our prospects with key features they could be interested in


The importance of product marketing resides in the best way to address features to your customers and ending users. The main challenge is to make your customers understand: why your product and why now ?

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