Companies are all conscious that Social Media is becoming a key lever on purchase decisions. They invest in advertising on Social Media platforms to boost sales and grab a fair market share.

Mohamed Zohny, EMEA Head of Social Media at HP, is an expert in online and social media marketing. He talked about how social media are evolving and gave some advices on how HP works on establishing social media, online reach and influence to meet company’s business objectives.
Mohamed started talking about the HP social media strategy.
But to understand it well, it is important to know the context in which the company is evolving in. First observation, social media have been evolving a lot in the past ten years because the communication technology has been progressing a lot. Indeed when you remember that Facebook was created in 2004 you would have never thought the same network would be used to drive traffic on websites and that Instagram would be created six years later.

But first, and during this entire article, let’s consider social media as the way people interact together. If you remember ten years ago, social media were about texting and following people, there was a small competition about how many followers you had, creating new profiles and opening new channels. But today people are more engaged in the way to communicate and so on social media., people interact more, they like, they comment, they share and they make it public.
The behaviors have changed and the algorithm too, which makes it interesting for companies because now the technologies enable them to track users and know where they are coming from.  It also helps to discover what they like, which websites they have been visiting before.

All of these data are very interesting and valuable for companies such as HP because it helps targeting its installed-base customers and to identify new potential clients too. This is possible thanks to Facebook pixel that is small piece of code implemented on HP landing pages. This code, matching with the user cookies and navigation history brings relevant data to the company to define the e-commerce communication strategy. On top of that, customers’ information of online behavior and preferences such as which video contents they react to can be gathered. These data include e-mail and phone number and can be used for target marketing.

The goal of HP’s strategy is to create awareness on its products and have the customer explore HP website or retailer stores by leveraging social media presence.

Social media give opportunities not only to direct shopper to new products or attractive deals, but to engage with them and create a sense of community. Indeed, according to Hotsuite 2018 barometer, 61% of the corporate companies use social medias to drive conversion and sales. In addition, social media are not only useful to generate purchases but they are also used by the customers to share products and recent purchases with friends and followers through just a single click.

Based on the interview, some successful campaigns have to be highlighted as best cases. The company has been working with famous Influencers on Youtube like Zoella and bloggers like Lewis Hilsenteger. Based on their number of followers (up to 10 millions) Mohamed said that HP’s website visits increased drastically.

Mohamed advises to use social media everyday, create your own content and not to be afraid to Test & Learn as platforms are changing all the time adding new functionalities.
He also recommends being curious and carefully following potential emerging platforms as an example: he believes that TikTok is a very promising platform that will expand soon. He keeps being very active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, which are the most used social media platforms.


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Article written by : Nathalie Espenel, Alexiane Bouyer, Léa Cécile, Hyeji Park, Jacques Sreih, Thibault Meyer


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