Sunny, gorgeous weather and blue skies, it is an ordinary Friday morning. I was walking into the office with my coffee just as per usual. I sat down in front of my desk, logged in all of the working accounts, and felt fully prepared for everything. TGIF!


A few minutes before the 9 office hour, my colleague Nicole walked into the office as hurriedly as the wind, she put her handbag on the desk and spoke to me excitedly,

“Look! My new lipstick, Tomford 07 Paradiso.”

“Wow, that’s amazing, how did you get it?” I asked her curiously.

Suddenly, she was surrounded by other colleagues, “It’s so beautiful, where did you get it?” they asked, “I was told that it was totally out of stock in all shoppes here.”

At this point, Nicole took out her smartphone gracefully and showed us a social App where she found out the hot lipstick. It is an App for exclusively sharing beauty, skincare, make-up experiences and tips among girls.

According to her, the reason why she got to know this App is that one of the beauty bloggers that she is following on Instagram recommended it on her post. So, she was interested in this App, downloaded it and got the way to buy this lipstick when she was browsing make-up sharing contents on it.


Everything seems so perfect and effortless. As beauty fanatic as us, we decided to follow the beauty blogger she mentioned and install the App for future purchasing.

At the same time, in order to help us get more ideas on how to do nice make-up, we shared our favourite bloggers and beauty posts with each other.

What a wonderful morning coffee time, what a brilliant girls’ beauty discussion.

Do you want to know the name of the beauty blogger that we mentioned and even furthermore, get the awesome App that we talked about all the time to start your new beauty journey?

Keep calm, my dear readers, we are not here to talk about make-up, we are here to learn to become a KOL on social media. So, whenever we are attracted by other KOLs, we should learn from them and become hunters ourselves to target our own audiences. So, please focus on our ultimate goal, and allow me to reveal you the professional side of this scene.


In the case above, there is a keyword that we should notice first — Instagram. Because social media platform is a place for people to discover and link with the right person, needless to say, every single social media platform is preferred to be designed for their own target users. In the case of running a KOL business, it’s difficult and unnecessary to cover all of them, all you need to do is to find out the overlap possibility between you and the specific platform.

As long as you can figure it out, it will allow you to focus your precious time and creativity to get the best rate of return in the future.

So, why it is Instagram in our case? Why it’s not Facebook, Tweet, or Linkedin, etc. Before answer this question, let’s move on to see the differences between some of the mainstream social media platforms.


  1. Facebook

It is a powerful macro platform with over 1.3 billion users around the world. And the reason why individuals create a Facebook account is to maintain relationships with their own social circle. Due to this principle, it makes Facebook a platform where people keep in touch with their old friends and where the company interact with their loyal customers. So obviously, the drawback of Facebook is that it will be hard for individuals to reach new friends and for the company to target new audiences;

  1. Twitter

It is an excellent platform to explore the strange world, you can follow, retweet, comment on anyone without obtaining a friend request confirmation. Twitter also uses #hashtag to launch and organize a public topic for all users in real time, so it can be perfectly used in live events with good online and offline engagement.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the favourite platforms among young audiences. It highly relies on image contents, which perfectly meets the photo-taking and sharing enthusiasm for young people. At the same time, as a growing platform, there’s less noise than big social media platforms like Facebook and Tweet, it is more real and useful for targeting wider and younger audiences. And one thing worth mentioning here, due to its visual-based contents, businesses like art, beauty, fashion, cuisine, etc. works really well on this platform.

  1. YouTube

As a video social platform, YouTube allows you to view contents without creating an account. In the meantime, it is an ideal place for explaining or displaying something which texts and images can never do. So, unsurprisingly, there are tons of tutorials video contents here, it provides a

tridimensional impression for audiences, and helps them to know us more quickly.

  1. Pinterest

It is used as a pin to mark images online. Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a visual-based platform, so it requires a strong graphic skill as Instagram does, but indifferently, its audiences are not as young as Instagram’s, meanwhile, it is more female dominate, because the most popular pins are usually recipes, style ideas, DIY crafts, etc. more housebound.

  1. Linkedin

LinkedIn is an excellent place to target professional B2B audiences. It is a social platform for a niche market. People usually use Linkedin for job searching and career networking. And the more important, people are often more careful when posting contents on Linkedin, so, they will more rational and calm when using this platform.


Above all, I believe that you’ve already known the reason why Nicole followed a beauty blogger on Instagram. Because as a fashion young office lady as Nicole, there is a large possibility for her to have an Instagram account, and as a natural consequence, she will pay attention to make-up, beauty, fashion contents etc. Expectedly, she will be attracted by an excellent content creator at one point or another.


Now, would you be the next one who can select the right social media platform to attract your own audiences? We’ll see…


Good luck!