“ What did you do last weekend ? “

“ I created a startup in 54 hours ! ”

                                        You at the coffee machine, Monday morning, 01/04/19.

From Friday 29 March, 6PM to Sunday 12AM you will see strangers get together and start shaking their brains.

Please be extremely careful with these individuals. They can be anyone. You? Me? Your office colleague? Your squash opponent…

Feel free to join, the door is open


What does it consist in?

Startup Weekend Europe Paris Edition is offering anyone willing to involve an opportunity to realize the entrepreneurship path he has been dreaming about for years.

You have an idea? Feel free to join, pitch it and gather a team. Beware, time flies, you only have 54 hours!
On sunday evening, you will be given the chance to present your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a board of judges we personally selected to assess the viability of your project. Among them:

  • Alain GARNIER: CEO & founder @ Jamespot. Jamespot is a software company providing Digital Workplace & Enterprise Social Network. It aims to provide collaborators access to all the tools and applications a company owns in a unique platform to streamline exchanges and sharing!
    Alain is expert in many fields. From semantic, web, search engine, social software to business plan, strategy and management, his opinion will be very valuable to evaluate your project!
    Learn more about Jamespot here 👉https://www.fr.jamespot.com/

    Get in touch with Alain here 👉https://www.linkedin.com/in/garniera/


  • Bertrand BEAUDICHON: CEO @ Initiative France & ex-CEO @ Omnicom Media Group. After a masters in management sciences at the University of Paris Deauphine, Bertrand Beaudichon quickly found his way in the digital world. He has been recently been through the presidency of the UDECAM (Union of Consulting and Media Buying Companies. He was then vice president of Omnicom Media France group for 6 years. A few months ago he became CEO of Initiative France. One of the top 6 agencies in the world.
    Learn more about Initiative here 👉https://initiative.com/
    Get in touch with Bertrand here👉https://www.linkedin.com/in/bertrand-beaudichon


  • Candice CAPELLE: Co-founder @ L’ascenceur, CEO @ WeShape_LAB, Volunteer @ TEDx. After leaving a permanent contract at the age of 23 for which she considered herself unsuitable. Candice is now focusing on projects with a strong social impact related to entrepreneurship inspiration, intrapreneurship, environment, health, gender equality.
    Learn more about Initiative here: 👉 https://lascenseur.co/
    Get in touch with Candice here: 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/candicecapelle/


What do we get?

You have no idea of the number of opportunities that participation in this event can bring to you!

You will join a community proud of 140K members coming from various fields of the Startup ecosystem such as: entrepreneurs, investors, developers, professionals, entrepreneurship coach. This tightly knit network will allow you to give birth to your entrepreneurial project, learn new skills & create a network & attend events around the world.

You will be accompanied throughout the weekend by coaching professionals who will guide you to grow your IRL project. You will be given the chance to collaborate with:

    • Matthieu Tran Van: Global Performance Executive @ GOOGLE
    • Hubert Kratiroff: Chief Data Officer @ C4C
    • Charlotte Jourdan: Digital Strategist @ UM PARIS
    • Severine Leloarne: Technology & Management teacher @ GRENOBLE MANAGEMENT SCHOOL
    • Emile Kratiroff: Software Engineer @ CISCO
    • Noémie Philippe: Innovation & Transformation program manager @ NUMA
    • Aleksander Callebat: Data Scientist @ MICROSOFT
    • Clémence Wetzel: PR & ePR consultant @ Agence Marie-Antoinette

Winners will be given the chance to join multiple entrepreneurship shows within Europe.
Among them:  


So, do you want to get on board ?

Feel free to join, the door is open


You still have a question ?

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