My last blog was about the key rules to apply for better employee engagement. I had the opportunity to attend the first Open Innovation Contest by the CA Village in Grenoble, between Start Ups and big companies. And guess what? All selected start-ups presented products to better engage employees. This confirms that this is a key concern today for companies.

Let me share the different solutions that have been selected by the sponsors: HP, Mazard and Mutualia and analyze how they are aligned with my key rules of engagement detailed in Digital Me Up How to keep people engaged.

Open communication and no more silo


Who has never complained about the number of newsletters received per week and finally kept unread? Or discovered by chance that the person on the other side of the partition wall knows all about your current topic of concern and will be able to solve your problem in few minutes?

Steeple developed and launched in 2017 an interesting Solution as a Service that fixes these miscommunication issues.

They replace company bulletin boards with touch screens and easy to feed information. Community managers can load content per pre-defined cloud containers and in one minute distribute information across the company. It shows on screens or on employees’ mobile phones.

No way to miss the company core strategy, the last weekly sales numbers or the basket-ball event organized next week.

And it is easy to publish classified ads and ask for advice on your topic of concern.

The solution is very well packaged, easy to use and easy to maintain which is critical when you deploy such new tools.

 Team learning goes with team playing


Kaperli is another dynamic structure specialized in serious games. The start-up has a full offering based around creativity, innovation and digital culture.

The founders acknowledge through their own education and training experience, that the best way to learn is to learn in team and learn by doing.

The company has developed a box called Sesame that take teams through selected situations. Through these situations, people can learn about new topics, make assumptions and solve problems together.

We are far from classic webinars and passive training programs.

In addition, they can co-create a specific solution with you if the off-the-shelf offering does not cover all your needs. Collective intelligence is truly valued by the Kaperli solution.

Sales people like competition


The last start up, is a newly born one. Their target is to drive motivation within sales teams.

Indeed, sales people are massively impacted by the digital transformation; e-commerce is able to drive transactional sales effectively and data-driven marketing can target customers per real opportunity. Expectations from sales team are increasing.

The idea of is to promote sales teams to super-heroes. The solution connects each of the sales people to the CRM system, giving them funnel visibility in real time and sharing best practices among teams.

But sales rep like challenges and companies can organize contest between teams and promote winners. It brings adrenaline and fun to the sales organizations.

It is an interesting idea that will need to be monitored carefully; it brings automatic feedback to teams but can also increase stress to people and put them under constant pressure.


As a conclusion

Indeed,  the three start ups have products and solutions that contribute to successful rules of engagement:

  • have a leader sharing his vision and a company with values aligned to employees
  • trust employees and give them autonomy to deliver
  • listen to people and give regular feedback
  • deliver training to keep up with technology change or need for new skills
  • associate employees into change through collective intelligence

The three solutions might not be enough to solve employee engagement; as said in the previous post the human factor is critical. HR and managers are here to set the right framework, to trust and listen to employees. However, these technologies are real good assets to consider facilitating communication and team collaboration.




Whitepaper on engagement:

Motivation factors:

Photo/Video/Infographic credits: NE