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4 Good Reasons To Launch Your Content Strategy

If you still considering whether or not to deploy a content strategy for your organisation, here are four good reasons that should help you to take the right decision.

Reason 1: Stand Out From The Competition

According to PQ Media estimates, an amazing amount of energy and money should be spent on content marketing in 2019, globally (PQ Media, Global Content Marketing Forecast, 2015).

PQ Media – Content Marketing Expenses

However, despite the fact that content marketing is already blooming in the United States or the United Kingdom, some other markets – like France, Spain or Italy – are only starting to show some interest in the approach.

Therefore, if you plan to develop in one of these countries, it might be a good opportunity to take a decisive advance over the competitors and federate an audience.

Reason 2: Create value

While online advertising diverts the attention of users (Seth Godin, perfectly coined the term interruption marketing) and shows performances that are more and more challenged (by the wide adoption of adblockers, the development of ad fraud, the austerity of display Click Through Rates …), content marketing, intends to bring valuable information to users along their customer journey.

The purpose of the inbound approach in content marketing is to give the users the decision on the type and the context of their relationship with a brand.

Content marketing is different from other methods in that it aims to serve the audience before serving the brand. Through content, a brand must inform, entertain, or teach: it must bring value to the users.

At a time when innovation and information are accelerating at a rapid pace, it is not enough to just sell one’s products and services, they need to be given meaning and a long-term purpose. The value of an offer, the history and commitment of a brand, the service provided to the users must be consistently told and demonstrated to be really perceived.

“The only way to circumvent the bullshit detector is to not bullshit.”

Shane Smith, Vice Media Founder

In this new paradigm, traffic becomes audience and branded content intend is to capture users upstream of the customer journey and accompany them through unique content experiences. Content strategy must anchor the brand’s voice and tonality create a consistent experience by generating valuable organic traffic.

Reason 3: Build Visibility And Grow Traffic On The Long Term

With the generalization of Adblockers (since last year, they can also filter advertising from your Facebook thread) and mobile users less and less tolerant of unwanted advertising intrusions, inbound approach and content marketing have a bright future ahead.

Moreover, unlike paid channels (display and programmatic formats, search advertising or social) when there is no more budget, there is more traffic, content marketing will develop traffic that is bound to last for months if not years.

To achieve this, one of the main goal assigned to content is to drive traffic from organic channels: search engines, social networks, referral websites.

Reason 4: Adapt To Mobile And Video Growth

Since 2015, the number of searches made on Google from mobile phones surpassed desktop searches. The migration of behaviours also generates a growing demand for mobile video: a Cisco study from 2018 estimates that by 2022 the consumption of video on smartphones will represent 77% of global data traffic…

Cisco – Mobile Bandwidth

Beyond TV campaigns and corporate films, brands are expanding their video content to emerge on video platforms: YouTube, often considered the 2nd largest search engine in the world, represents a largely underused source of organic traffic that can’t be ignored much longer.

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