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This page describes our vision for this program and what we are trying to achieve with the current platform

This blog is the blended learning platform for our Master’s degree in Digital Business Strategy

Yann Gourvennec is Program Director at GEM Grenoble Ecole de Management
These pages make up the supporting platform for our Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy. Our students, teachers and ourselves are working hard bringing innovations into this Digital Business Strategy Advanced Master program. This Website is therefore both a platform for blended learning (according to the GEM learning model, our own innovative teaching framework) and a companion blog for the Master’s, therefore enabling students to learn by doing and practice Content Marketing strategies. Here, our students comment on the various subjects on which they are being taught at school, teachers express themselves through MOOCs and video interviews, and we also offer a platform for debates around Digital Business Strategy at large. This page does not replace our GEM Grenoble Ecole de Management page, on the contrary. The main page for our Master’s degree is still managed centrally and this platform is linked to it and aims at giving peripheral information about the Master’s.

Let me first of all explain my vision about the way digital is going to revolutionise everything we do and even how we live, as I think this is central not only to the creation of this platform, but also to the way that we are teaching digital business strategy at GEM Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Digital will revolutionise everything we do

photo by http://harryduns.com

photo by http://harryduns.com

From the very moment I started working in Internet business, I have perceived that the Web was about more than new IT tools and even more than e-commerce, however exciting. In a short period, it has not only made it possible for us to communicate better and more freely in most parts of the world, it has also contributed to the disruption of organisations, human relationships, businesses, access to knowledge and even Society at large. For better or for worse.

Such disruption is happening in every sector, in every economy of every country. No one escapes except maybe one or two countries which are standing apart. It will now have a tremendous impact on the job market, our business and management structures, the way – and places in which – we work, the way we interact even within Society and our families. Some, like Jeremy Rifkin, do not hesitate to talk about the third industrial revolution. Others, like Stephen Hawking, are issuing serious warnings about the supremacy of Artificial Intelligence. Who knows what will really happen. Yet, what we know for sure is that the forthcoming changes in businesses are tremendous and that will set the need for new skills and new kinds of managers in order to foster change.

This is exactly what this program is all about: digital business strategy. Every word counts. Not just digital business, let alone digital communications. Digital business strategy as it is the means of changing the way we do business and transform – that word is important too – our business models today and in the future. I don’t think I’m taking many risks while saying that there will be no unemployment in the field of digital business strategy in the next few years. Yet, at the same time, we will soon witness the progressive disappearance of employment, the emergence of new ways of working, the disruption of entire business models and empires, the emergence of totally new businesses, not to mention new ways of learning.

This is why we have wanted to teach our students all we can about innovation but we have also wanted to instil innovation every step of the way in that program. Our students therefore experience new ways of learning, new ways of practising and, above everything, learning by doing.

Learning by doing

Throughout my career, I have found that learning by doing is so much more efficient. This is what we do in this program: not only are we learning theory, we are going to apply it to this very program as if we were a business (well, in fact we are a business). It has always struck me to witness how most digital learning programs are still based on pen and paper. A bit of a contradiction in terms in my mind. Already, in businesses, everything is done with digital. I for one, got rid of paper more than 25 years ago. Everything is digital and everything we do here has to go through digital.

The potential for this program is huge. Our plans for the next three years are tremendous. Gradually, more innovation is instilled in the program so that it becomes even more of a reference, in Europe and beyond. We will innovate, relentlessly. We are already inviting speakers from around the world to talk at our lectures, use digital to prepare, or prolong, those lectures, use digital to evaluate students as well, manage projects and assignments, do extra teaching, MOOCs, write blogs, inspire others, lead the pack and aim to become thought leaders.

Don’t be mistaken, being part of this program is hard. There will be a lot of work, which will give you the opportunity to shape the future of your career. Above all, we are going to have a lot of fun; because learning new things is fun, and changing the world is exciting.

This program is exactly about changing our world. Just that. You too can be part of this new adventure.

Yann Gourvennec

Program Director, Advanced Master – Digital Business Strategy

Grenoble Ecole de Management


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