Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The questions are answered by the Program Director and a student of the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Strategy during one of the previous years’ Campus Channel videos.

I think it’s all about doing things differently. We work differently; we do a lot of what we call the GEM Learning Model. We actually teach our students how to learn. We don’t just teach them digital, but we teach them how to learn because if you don’t learn how to learn, then you can’t learn digital, because you have to learn every day.

Also, there’s the international side of the course and the fact that there are executives studying alongside young students. You actually learn how to work with professionals in the digital sector.

Yes, definitely. It’s actually made for similar kind of profiles because we have classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; so, you can carry on working. The courses take place over three days every three to four weeks every month (approx.). These three days are, however, very intense. Our classes start at 8:45 and finish at 6:30. But it’s definitely doable and manageable. It’s all about being well-organised.

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