Three days of classes per month doesn’t seem like very much. How in-depth can we really get into the topics in such a short time?

Before getting into the course, as a student, I actually asked myself the same question. You can definitely dive deep into a topic in three days, because the three days are quite intensive. We sometimes don’t get even a lunch break because there’s a guest speaker coming, who is someone specialized in digital, and we have to attend his session. Also, the speakers make their class a discussion, so whatever question you might have, you can ask. You also have to create presentations, which makes these three days really challenging. That’s because you basically have one day to create a start-up in this area by doing all the campaign on digital, and then you present it. Students are actually quite impressed at the end by what they actually managed to do within one day, as they see how much they have learnt. Moreover, everything you learn is applicable straightaway.

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Ahmad Zamir