What are some concrete projects that the students work on? Any real-world business cases?

A student worked on an Air France project concerning airport digitization. There were three Air France projects, along with others, within the class last year. It’s basically a project that students do every year. They work in a group, which can have three to five or six people, and they are in contact with someone from the company who they work with. It’s like their client. You start this project at the beginning and work on it all the way till the end of your studies. We also have ten live business cases from big companies like Air France and Credit Agricole, to mention a few. These are real business cases that these companies are trying to find answers to. So, the students are actually helping them throughout the year and they will submit their report in June next year. But, they also have deadlines throughout the year. We have had some pretty good decision-making after some of the business cases last year. This experience can be validly listed on a CV once a student graduates. For instance, working for Air France does count for something.

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